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Is it herpes or genital warts

The last time I had sex was August 3, since then I didnt have sex, few weeks ago, I had some perineum cuts.  I went to OB-GYNE and had pap test and High Vaginal Swab test, tests were normal, I asked my OB about the cuts, she can't even explain to me, she just gave FUCICORT cream which I applied to my perineum cuts(from vagina to anus), these perineum cuts are like paper cuts, and after I put the cream, after a day, it's gone, then it didn't come back, but since starting of Nov. I was experiencing some skin protruding on the left side cut I had before, i had 1 tiny bump like skin tag, but not hanging, and 2 like warts but doesn't look warts and I can't explain, it's a bit rough, not even look like blisters, I am always checking my vagina if I have some warts inside or in vulva and i have nothing.  Please help me .. I am freaking out.
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you need to return to be seen again. we'd totally be guessing as to what is going on.

do these sound like herpes? no they do not.

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Thanks for the reply Grace, do you think these are genital warts?they are very small, and for sure, I will have genital warts because I asked that guy he had 4 while we had sex that time.  I think mine is just developing.  My next question is, if I will be healed in a month, I can't have sex anymore after that? is there a possibility to pass genital warts to the next partner even you are healed and warts are gone?
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and I have flu like symptoms now and I have canker sore at the gum under my tongue, and I felt like I am deaf but not, like there's something blocking inside my ear connected inside that causes slight headache.
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they could be warts or they could be something completely normal too.

did you have your gardasil shots for hpv yet?

sounds like you have an upper respiratory virus too on top of this :(  feel better soon!!
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thanks again grace, I just went to the doctor today, and she said, it's beginning warts, I told her bout my flu-like symptoms, she checked my ear , my tongue and everything, she said it's normal, she just confirmed about the warts, and gave me HPV test done, CBC and urine, but now I felt like I have fever inside, but just these morning, when they checked me, it's 37.4.  This doesn't sound herpes , right?  Since it was more than 3 months, i didn't have any blisters yet, just a canker sore on the lower gum under my tongue.  It's not cold sore right?
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I didn't have gardasil shots yet. :(
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