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Is it herpes or something else??

Hi can you help me solve this issue?

So I’m thinking I have HSV but everytime I get tested the results come back negative. I tested 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and then just last May would make it a full year after my first oral sex from girlfriend and the results came back negative. Now I’m stuck with anxiety through the roof because I don’t know what it is. The symptoms I’ve been dealing with is itching and my scrotum has a redness to it. Now I believe the redness could be from me applying jock itch spray closer than I should have to my testicle, but then again I’m not a doctor. There are little bumps around the full circumference of the end of my penis shaft. My testicles appear to have bumps all on it. I’ve had a few doctors do a screening before and saw nothing that resembled herpes. Now I do have to mention a detail that is out of the ordinary but a possible thing. I bought a washing machine thing off Walmart and my dumb young self left the clothes a little to long in the dirty water and story short I found a long white thing in my underwear that i was about to put on. I should’ve took a picture but at the time I just killed it. It was a white long in bug sense and I could see it moving back and forth a little. Keep in mind this is the time I found a itching down there. This was in the end of June. I’ve told a doctor and they suggested pin worms so I took some medicine for pin worms and saw no improvement in stopping the itch. Once I get insurance I’m going to go to the doctor to have the doctor look at it again this time a new doctor. But until then is there any idea of what it could be possibly? I had no lesions or blisters of sort. Just a lot of bumps around the end of my penis shaft that don’t itch every second but do throughout the day a little at a time. Any answers would be much appreciated I’ve been dealing with anxiety over this of not knowing what is exactly wrong with me is the part that’s giving me anxiety.
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Forgot to mention I got the 10 something panel test where I tested for Chlamydia, HIV, and more I can’t think of at the moment and all came back negative as well.
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I'm not doctor, but what you describe as bumps, are they flesh colored? Since once upon a time I had the same worry, I'd recommend you google Fordyce spots or Pearly Penile Papules. Hope it helps. Sitting around here hoping an expert answers my question, so figured i'd try to help, too.
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Yes I forgot to mention that they are flesh colored. I will see a doctor soon once I find one. But do fordyce spots itch I’ll look it up. Like my anxiety has been high for the past year. Blood test results should be accurate after a year but I’m not a doctor. Like the part of not knowing the answer is giving the anxiety. I hope you get a answer to Jack thanks for some helpful options on what it could be.
They aren’t puss filled or never popped or oozed or anything like that that’s why I’m confused never had lesions neither!
Did you try a western blot hsv test?
No I have not never heard of it I’ll take a look at it. I mean HSV an outbreak of blisters would be painful and should go away after 3 weeks plus they should be puss filled which haven’t been the case so I’m not sure exactly I been tested at a reputable lab center. If all else fails I will pay for it.
Also another thing I’d like to mention is that it’s been over a year since I been with this. The antibodies should have been noticeable. My immune system isn’t that week and should have produced them if I do have HSV. At the least they should have been noticed after the 6 month mark but I decided to get tested again at a full year and still came back negative.
Your herpes tests were conclusive at 12 weeks.

Fordyce spots, which are just oil glands and we all have, don't itch. They could be the spots you're noticing, and something else is causing the itch.

Think of everything that touches the area - soaps, laundry detergent, underwear, toilet paper, etc. Change everything to scent free, dye free, formulas for sensitive skin. You can do it all at once, or one at a time if you want to see if there's one thing causing the itch. You may have developed an allergy to something, or one of your products changed formulas to something that is causing a sensitivity.

It's not herpes. Herpes doesn't cause an endless itch and no other symptoms. This is likely something that is frequently touching your skin, or anxiety.
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