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Is it immoral to not be tested for herpes?

I've talked with my doctor at length about getting tested for herpes. My last test was in October 2017. He feels that testing me is "medically and clinically unnecessary because I am exhibiting no signs or symptoms of herpes." He feels that combined with my low risk, using condoms (which I haven't since meeting my bf in December), being on PrEP, and lack of symptoms it doesn't warrant testing. SN: My bf has been screened for STIs and was negative for all. HSV screening was not available where we went to get tested. He is not exhibiting signs or symptoms either. What should I do? Am I wrong for agreeing with my doctor that I shouldn't be tested? Am I putting others at risk? I feel like I've done my due diligence by asking questions and getting informed by talking to my provider. Can anyone help me to let this go?
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I don’t know that it’s exactlt immoral. But it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

I caught HSV 2 from my long term partner who never had any symptoms or outbreaks at all. We were both tested positive and I’m the only one who ever broke out. So, like I said. It wouldn’t hurt.
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