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Is it necessary to share exposure to HSV, despite no symptoms or positive diagnosis?

Hi folks.  In a dilemma here (aren't we all, ha).

I was in a sexual relationship with someone a coupla years back that suffered from genital herpes.  We had relations a handful of times, once even while she had an outbreak.  While I have never suffered from any symptoms myself, I am aware that 80% of people who carry the virus aren't even aware they have it.  Ethically speaking, should I feel obligated to share the fact that I've been exposed with future partners, even though there's no positive evidence to suggest I'm a carrier?  I feel its unfair to keep this from the current gal I'm seeing before we're intimate, though feel its equally unfair to myself to wear the condition even though I'm not even certain I have it.  Super torn up about this.  Any opinions are valued.  

Thanks in advance.
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Me and you are in the same position.  Here’s my thing:  if they can’t tell us what we have, then how are we supposed to tell anyone else?  
The difference is you don’t even have any symptoms though, so if you’re still testing negative by IGG then hey, you’re negative.  
I wish I could say the same.
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If you have tested negative by IgG blood test 4 months after exposure, then you don't need to tell anyone that you were once in a relationship with someone with herpes. If you have not tested, then test.

There is NO SUCH THING as a "herpes carrier". You either have it, or you don't. If you had it, you'd test positive.
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