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Is it possible for this to be herpes?

So I had protected sex with condom about 2 months back (im a male) with a female. 2 weeks later i get this pain in my pubic area right above my penis, where the condom obviously does not cover. burning or mildly sharp even. not pleasant. it lasts for about a week. no sores or anything popped up, i checked every hour.

im now having those same pains again! irritated burning pain. no sores or anything still. Could this be herpes?? Im a bit depressed about this, and guessing i should go get a blood test and see. Thanks
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Is it feeling like this on the skin, or deeper inside?

Either way, without sores or anything on the skin, I doubt it's herpes. I do think you need to see a doctor. Depending on where you feel the pain, it could be a urinary tract infection, a hernia, or a number of other things that are unrelated to your encounter.

While you're there, you can get tested for STDs, including herpes - ask for a type specific IgG blood test. It takes about 4 months to be conclusive, but the average time to test positive is 6 weeks. I doubt it's herpes, sincerely, but definitely get it checked. Let us know what happens.

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Thank you for you reply auntiejessi. it feels like the pain is on the skin. def not like an internal issue. feels like skin in burning and painful. no other symptoms other than that, no bumps or anything. I would think if it was prodome herpes it would of happend by now. its been 2 months post exposure.
Yes, I agree that it would have happened by now if it was herpes.

I think you should see a doctor, though. The pain has lingered long enough to find out what it is. Let us know!
thanks auntiejessi. I am scheduling a doctors visit to get tested. Pretty stressed out about it to be honest! Worried it will be the end to my dating life...

also another question. I read on another post that you said people with hsv 1 have milder symptoms of hsv2. well ive had cold sores on my lip for over 10 years and def have type 1, do you think maybe this is why im not getting an outbreak and just the pain only??
No, I think you'd still get sores. Nerve pain from herpes only appears when you get an actual outbreak.

Have you made an appt with your doctor yet?
I have an appointment in a few days for blood test. The pain is coming and going every few days... the more I read up on this subject I have heard others with this issue who tested positive. Worried is an understatement
You'd still have sores though - this pain doesn't happen without an actual outbreak. The people who've tested positive with this pain also had outbreaks, I'm sure.

Don't just get a test and leave. Talk to the doctor and get an exam and find out what's happening.
thanks autiejessi, i just got back from the doctors and had my blood taken. should know something within a few days.. now the anxious waiting begins....
Oh without a doubt, the waiting is the worst. Did the doctor do an exam?
Hey auntjessi, just wanted to share my results . It came back <.91 which is negative on their scale. Just wanted a quick follow up question. Do you think i am in the clear?  It has been 2 months and 1 week since the exposure  and getting the blood test .
Most people test positive by 6 weeks. Did you also test negative for hsv1?

It can take up to 4 months to show positive, but without sores, your 9 week test is most likely conclusive. I wouldn't worry about retesting if I were you.
I have had cold sores and hsv1 for about 8 years now, so I didn’t test for that. Is it possible maybe the hsv1 moved to genital area? Or can that even happen
No, it can't do that. Herpes infects nerve groups, and oral herpes will stay in the facial area, and genital herpes will stay in the genital area.

It's possible to infect yourself in a different area by touching an outbreak, like touching a genital outbreak and touching your eye, but this almost always happens with a brand new infection when you don't have antibodies to protect against this. You've had this for about 8 years, so this wouldn't happen. Most people develop antibodies by 6 weeks, the rest by 4 months.

Since you have hsv1 already, it may take a little longer for you to test positive on an hsv2 test, but it won't take longer than 4 months. I still don't think you have it, though.
Thanks for replying aunt Jessie. I found a small bump in the pubic area but on the opposite side of where the pain was. It doesn’t look like a pimple, it is a single bump but doesn’t look like a blister either .. it has clear liquid to it.

I’m wondering if maybe I contracted hsv1 in my genitals from this encounter since my hsv2 was negative . I’m very confused as what I should do now ... I don’t want to potentially expose anyone down the line if this truly is genital hsv... what would you recommend? I tried asking the girl I slept with about her status and she pretty much ignored me .
As I stated before, you couldn't get hsv1 in a different location because of antibodies. If you'd contracted it genitally at the same time as orally, you'd likely have had genital symptoms then, too.

Herpes doesn't usually produce a single bump.

Go get this checked. If it's got fluid in it, ask them to culture it. Go today. Go to an urgent care if you need to. DO NOT POP IT. You need to have a doctor look at this. I don't know why you haven't yet.

Even if it is ghsv1, you are unlikely to transmit that. Genital hsv1 rarely sheds, rarely recurs. You are far more likely to transmit hsv1 giving someone oral sex than you are from intercourse.

But seriously, just go get this cultured, or PCR swabbed.
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