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Is it possible to catch Herpes?

I'm a 47 year old Indian male. I was with a Sex Worker in Thailand. I didn't had any penetrative or oral sex. We both were nude. She massaged me. During massage, She sat on my genital area for about a minute. I was wearing condom for safety. Then she sat on my stomach for about a minute. On my inner thighs and stomach I was having fungal infection like Jock's itch. Then she licked all over my upper Torso and sucked/licked my nipples for about 10 minutes. She planted a kiss on my Chin. This incident happened on 09.12.19 Night. On 8th day 17.12.19 evening I felt a Sore Throat with a white pimple like thing on the Tonsil but not so severe. I was able to eat. While drinking normal water little pain was there. Anal itching was there. Felt slight rise in temperature but I don't think it's fever. It might be due to chill weather outside. On 20.12.19 Night it got cleared. 2nd incident I got sneezing, runny nose, stuffed nose and head tightness on 01.01.2020. Runny Nose and sneezing went off on 03.01.2020.  Head tightness also reduced. On 06.01.2020 everything got cleared. Please assess my risk of getting infected by HIV, Herpes or other STIs. Can HIV pass through the skin with Jock's itch ? Are my symptoms look like any STD?
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You have no risk of HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasma genitalium, trich, or NGU. All of those require penetration, and you had none.

You can get herpes, syphilis and HPV from genital to genital rubbing/grinding. You don't mention if she did any grinding, or if she was just sitting on you.

None of your symptoms sound like any STD. It sounds like the flu or some other upper respiratory illness. I wouldn't worry about STDs if I were you.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply Mam...... She just sat on the Genital area and on the stomach. Duration may be a minute or less.. ...No Grinding or rubbing.......   Can the skin affected by fungus like Jock Itch allow Herpes/STD/HIV to pass through? I was having fungal affected skin o around my genitals, scrotum, Inner thighs and on the stomach.....
If you have a fungal infection like that, you shouldn't be having sex. You can introduce other germs into it - if she had a yeast infection, you could make your fungal infection even worse. You can also transmit your jock itch to her. Any time you have symptoms of anything in your genital area, you should avoid sexual activity.

If she was sitting on you for a minute or less, without grinding or rubbing, you really have no chance of anything.

You still have no chance of HIV - that requires penetration, and you didn't have that.

See a doctor for your fungal infection. It sounds like you need treatment.
Thank you for your advice... I will visit Doctor for treating my fungal infection... Do you think any test for STDs/Herpes/HIV needed for me? If needed at what window periods should I test for different STDs.... Thank you
No, I don't think you need to test for any STDs or HIV. As I said, I don't think you had a risk for anything. Since you had no risk, you don't need testing.
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