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Is it possible to have genital and oral herpes at the same time?

One of my best friends recently got diagnosed with oral HSV2 and had an outbreak on the right side of his lower lip (10 days after the encounter with the person who was infected). He is worried he could have it genitally as well since oral sex was performed on him too other than the girl (who got diagnosed with HSV2) who kissed him while he had a little cut on his lip. Would outbreaks usually come at the same time? It has been a month since the encounter already.
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It is possible but would be very rare. He can safely say it's an oral infection only. Hsv2 oral has few outbreaks and doesn't shed as often as a genital hsv2 infection
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Hi, how was he diagnosed with hsv2 oral? I ask this as its not common to have it oral at all.
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