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Is my herpes 2 results positive or negative

Only had sex with 1 guy, my current bf. One day I randomly asked him to get tested for all stds! His results showed hsv1 IgG 1.77 and hsv2 IgG 1.19. His IgM's were negative. So I freaked out & went to get tested at another lab. My results after 4 months of exposure were hsv1 IgG 1.17 and hsv 2 IgG 1.1. In my blood test the range said
1.1 positive
2 months later (6 months after exposure)
I went to another lab & got tested: hsv 1 IgG >200 Ru/ml (positive) hsv 2 IgG 2.66 Ru/ml (negative)
Reference range for this test:
0.00 - 16.00 Ru/ml negative
16.00 - 22.00 Ru/ml borderline positive
> 22.00 Ru/ml positive
Bf also did this test and got hsv 2 IgG 5.56 Ru/ml (Negative)
All the tests done were type specific. Help please do I have herpes 2 or not????

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Hi, your positive for hsv1 and negative for hsv2. Hes negative for hsv2 but you dont mention the second test for him for hsv1.
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Sorry the range for the first set of tests said:

0.9 to 1.1 borderline positive
> 1.1 positive
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Thank you for responding Life360. He had cold sores on his lips when he was younger so we didn't bother to test him for hsv 1. I on the other hand cannot remember ever having cold sores so I got retested for both hsv 1 & 2
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he would need to confirm his hsv1 status. if hes had cold sores before, hes most likely positive but knowing for sure is important as if both of you have hsv1 oral, odds of getting it in the genital area from oral sex, would be close to zero, if possible at all. Bottom line so for is that your both negative for hsv2 and your positive for hsv1 and he most likely is as well.

The odd part is both your number values for hsv1 are very low. This would generally mean it recent acquired but not 100%. Most older infections would have high numbers. On the test where under 1 is negative, a person with established herpes would be 5 or above. Most labs stop at 5.
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In the first set of tests
Is hsv 2 IgG 1.1 boderline positive or positive?? Why did u say I'm negative? Am I truly negative for hsv 2? What does borderline mean?

In the second set of tests I had I got hsv 1 IgG  > 200 Ru/ ml (a high positive)
0.00 - 16.00 Ru/ml   Negative
16.00 - 22.00 Ru/ml. Borderline
> 22.00 Ru/ml  Positive
& hsv 2 IgG 2.66 (negative)

Does the high positive mean I had HSV 1 a long time??
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Your posts are hard to follow with the numbers and tests. You tested once at 1.1 positive for hsv2. Then you tested 6 months later and had a negative for hsv2 correct? If this is correct, the first test was a false positive and the second test would confirm your negative.
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I'm sorry my posts are hard to follow. I got tested at one lab first then I got retested at another lab.  The first lab stated my hsv 2 IgG was 1.1

The reference range for this test:

Less than 0.90 is negative
borderline positive is 0.90 to 1.1
greater than 1.1 is a positive.

So I wasn't sure if I had hsv 2 or not

I went to a 2nd lab to get retested and they used a different type specific hsv 2 IgG test. This lab's reference ranges are completely different from the lab before.
The result said hsv 2 IgG 2.66 Ru/ml. Which according to their range is a negative result. The range for this test is:

0.00 to 16.00 Ru/ml  is a negative result (mines is 2.66 so therefore negative)
16.00 to 22.00 Ru/ml is a borderline positive result
A value more than or greater than 22.00 Ru/ml is a positive result
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So your negative for hsv2 as originally mentioned.
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I'm hoping I am. Different doctors say different things. The 1st doctor (general doctor) I saw told me to come back by him if i ever get any symptoms. The 2nd doctor (dermatologist)  told me 1.1 is inconclusive and he is not sure about those labs and he suggested I get retested at a "specific lab that is well known." This is where I did the 2nd test done for hsv 1 & 2 IgG. Hsv 2 IgG came out negative 2.66 Ru/ml

0.00 to 16.00 Ru/ml negative result

Then I went to see my gynecologist who said 1.1 is positive & probably the 1st test was more sensitive and the second wasn't as sensitive  and didn't pick up the hsv 2. So now I'm really confused as to whether I have hsv 2 or not.

Then I did research and they say 1.1 is borderline positive and a low positive. Also true positives are more than 3.5 so I don't know what to think.
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To say the first test is more sensitive is not correct information. You tested negative on the second test and would be conclusive negative. There is no such thing as boarderline. Anything over 1 is positive. Sometime the word equivical is used for low positive but equivical means positive till shown negative.
Its true that over 3.5 would be older infections but 1.5 could be an old infections as well. Its not written in stone Low positives also represent a recent infection.
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Thank you soooo much for your responses. It is greatly appreciated. So in your opinion you don't think I have hsv 2????? Only hsv 1?
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correct and if your still concerned have the Western Blot test done as is the gold standard in testing but i would be more than comfortable that  your second test of negative hsv2 is conclusive. If your fist hsv2 test came back like a 5 and the second test a negative, i would be concerned but with a 1.1 followed up by a negative is pretty strong evidence.
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