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Is this HSV1?

One week ago, I met a women, and we had a make out session. I got bad vibes, and sent her home without going further. A week later, I woke up with a sore throat, and a painful white spot on the very tip of my tongue. There are also red spots all over my tongue, and its incredibly sensitive. Most of the taste buds along the front are swollen, and large. So far on day 3, there is only two spots, one of which was from over 4 days ago, and has already healed. The spot on the tip of my tongue has been there for two days, and is still quite painful. Its bright white, not yellowish like the pictures Ive seen online.

Im getting tested on Friday, and guess I was just looking for some advice before hand.

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Hi if she did not have any lip sores at the time you can pretty much rule out herpes. Also any initial outbreak should be on your lips not inside on your tongue. Maybe some type of fugal or bacterial.
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Thank you for the response!

So can a bacterial/fungal infection cause cloudy/white blisters to form on the tongue? The big scare for me is the white/cloudy blister, I have yet to have anything anywhere besides the tongue yet. Just the two blisters on the tongue. I also have what look like a couple of white streaks. They are the same color as the blister, but they are long and skinny.

As far as the sore throat goes, if Im on day three, is there still possibly a larger outbreak coming? Or is what I have now my biggest concern?

Thanks again.
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Oral lichen planus is often associated with white streaks on the tongue.
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Thanks again!
So last one, I figured I would just upload a picture.

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Sorry to double post, but I guess I didnt put a question in. Does that white bump look like a kanker?

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