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Is this Herpes !

Two days after unprotected oral sex (and protected vaginal, anal sex) with a sex worker, I felt a burning sensation on my glans, and very tiny bumps appeared on the corona. on the third day I went to an urologist, and he said that there is nothing and gave me antibiotics just in case.  On the fifth day I went to a Dermatologist, he said it might be genital warts ( on the fifth day after exposure!!!) and prescribed Aldara 5% cream every day for 5 days, three days after that I returned for a follow up as things did not go any better. The Doctor said it is not warts nor Herpes for sure. He said it is Allergic Contact Dermatitis and gave me Topical corticosteroid 0.1% cream and Xyzal tablets.

yesterday, I went to another Dermatologist ( the ninth day after exposure ) after examining, he said there is 5% chance it could be Herpes due to the burning sensation, and the other 95% is just an irritation, and prescribed a cream with 5% Aciclovir.
Both doctors agreed it is not a fungal infection nor yeast.

It has been ten days now after the encounter. those little bumps are all over my glans (especially the corona) I am not sure about the shaft if it has any.

I am going crazy, could not sleep well for the past ten days after that unpleasant event. I am afraid it might be Herpes. I just want a proper diagnosis.

P.S: I'm willing to post a picture, if that's possible.
Thank you,
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at this point you've seen multiple providers who have treated you needlessly :(  The best thing at this point honestly is to do nothing and give this time to clear up a bit. all the creams could be irritating this even more and making an accurate diagnosis more difficult.  You aren't even giving any of these treatments time to work and probably at this point have irritated your skin far too much!!

we don't look at pictures here. why not is explained in our read before posting post on the forum.

protected sex is a risk for syphilis, herpes and hpv. you have to wait at least 6 weeks post encounter for syphilis testing. you need to wait 3 months for herpes igg blood testing. should you get symptoms that actually sound like herpes ( these do not ), you can be seen promptly for a lesion culture and typing. no visual diagnosis of herpes!!  we don't have commercially available hpv tests to rule out hpv easily. if a provider thinks these are genital warts in the future, they can easily scrape one off and send it to the  lab for confirmation.

unprotected oral is low risk for std's but  not no risk. herpes, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea are the main risks. you can also contract hpv from oral sex too. you can test for chlamydia and gonorrhea with urine testing 1 week post encounter.

my 2 cents is - don't do anything at this point for the next week. don't look at your genital area unless it hurts enough you can't ignore it and to aim when you urinate.  let your anxiety get better and let the skin stop being irritated. then pick one dermatologist and follow up regularly with them.


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Thank you very much for your help and time.

Sorry for offering a picture and I've read "read before posting post on the forum" but these bumps are not like any thing I saw on the internet ( I think I've read and saw every post and picture regarding this issue).

The bumps did not change in shape for the past 9 days, but the increased in number.

Can I get a lesion culture and typing now, or should I wait for blisters ?

What could those bumps be? :(

Please except my deepest gratitude,,

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these don't sound like herpes so I wouldn't bother with a lesion culture.

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Hi grace,
Just want to update. it has been almost a month now, and the pimples are still there and still burn.
I've got some yellow spots on the corona. I'm not sure if it's blisters. they seem flat and not on a red base. they have been there for more than two weeks and not getting bigger.
and some tiny sikn colored, maybe darker  bumps.
I have been to 6 doctors they all said it's not
herpes, but no one seems to know what are they.
I just want to hear it from you!!

What could it be ?

You don't have an idea what your time and help means.

Thank you,
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did they do any scraping of the rash to look at under the microscope or swab anything for bacterial infections?
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No it's so small that they couldn't take a swab. All doctors agreed it's not fungal or bacterial infections.

Can I rule out herpes ?
If yes, could it be another STD?
it's driving me nuts
Thank you,
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follow up with testing at the proper time just for peace of mind.

I'd pick one dermatologist and follow up monthly as needed for symptoms at this point.  

this doesn't sound like any other std.
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I really can't thank you enough.
I will follow up with one dermatologist, but I just need an answer.
I started to believe it's just a friction, but I don't know about the yellow spots.
could it be some sort of under skin blisters ?
and the other dark spots seems to pop out when erected.
Could it be HPV ?
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these could be healing herpes lesions but more likely a healing fungal or bacterial skin infection.
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