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Is this Herpes 2?

I have what looks like herpes on my scrotum. It is a small cluster of 4-5 with individual borders and what appear to be scabs in the middle. They are flesh colored and localized (no spreading rash/only on one side). They are not painful or itchy and appeared a few days ago. I saw the doctor yesterday and at first glance, she said they looked herpetic. She described the shapes as macules. Upon further inspection and after prodding them, she was "pretty sure" it wasn't herpes and prescribed lotrimin. She didn't take a culture swab. I'd like a second opinion.
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I have no idea why your provider would prescribe an antifungal cream to treat herpes. Totally different issues!!

At this point it sounds like it is way too late for a lesion culture to be of use anyways. Once herpes lesions start to scab, the odds of getting an accurate culture are pretty low.

So what do you do now? I recommend that you get a type specific herpes igg blood test 3 months after you last had sex. If you have a regular partner, you can both go now and seek out the igg blood testing to see who has what. If you both come back negative, odds are your symptoms aren't herpes related.

Thanks for the reply, Grace! Just had the IgG test done today. Any idea what the accuracy of the test is? I was reading about how false negatives and false positives are common
Also, can you have a recurrent outbreak without having an initial outbreak? I've never had anything similar to this and haven't been sexually active in the last month
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