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Is this Herpes or am i going crazy?

Hello, my first time on this forum.
Approximately 13 weeks ago i had unprotected sex with a girl i just met. Roughly 2 weeks later, IMMEDIATELY post masturbation, i noticed 3-4 swollen lumps appear on my penis. ( i say immediately after masturbation because i had no signs of any lumps or anything, i finished masturbating, hopped in the shower, hopped out and the lumps where then there). The lumps were swollen but the swelling subsided in a few hours. The marks were the lumps swelled where still there however the lumps themselves were not swollen. The next day i masturbated again and sure enough, immediately after i came the lumps swelled up again, the swelling going down after a few hours.

It has been about 3 months since that incident and the lumps themselves dont swell up anymore after masturbating, however the marks where the lumps were are still there and dont show any signs of healing. I also have 2 raised red lumps either side of my frenulum, attached to the base of the head of my penis on the under side. I also have a scar running down the under side of my penis that i noticed i got after i had sex with the girl i previously spoke about. My penis also seems to swell up a lot more post masturbation then it used to.

Some extra points:
- The lumps did not hurt, they just swelled up and then the swelling went down.
- Ive had 2 STI tests since then, both came up negative however none of them tested for Herpes
- Ive seen a sexual health nurse, a GP and a urologist about this. All 3 of them said that im fine and that its nothing to worry about however none of them were able to tell me what it was or how to get rid of it which makes me wonder if it could be Herpes and they just havnt seen a herpes outbreak that looks like this?
- I also had a fluid filled bump appear on my lip 2 months ago which is still here today. It doesnt hurt, it never burst open and i cant pop it. could this be related?

Any help here would be great, has anybody dealt with anything like this before, and is there a way to get rid of it? Thanks for any help.
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To answer your questions. Never!! That answers both. Hsv lesions start as small red spots and quickly progress into fluid filled blister type lesions that pop then start to heal. 10-14 days to heal. Hsv lesions never go away in hours. They also do not stay the same for a long period of time like the other bump you describe.
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ok, thank you so much for your time and input.
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If this is herpes it's the most unusual case I've ever heard of. That being said your symptoms are not herpes related at all. You can test for peace of mind if you like. It's been long enough for your test to be conclusive. The lump on your lip most assuredly doesn't have anything going to do with the issue you are experiencing on the genitals.
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Ok, thankyou for the response, i really appreciate it. I have been freaking out about this for too long. Do you know if herpes lesions do what i described? as in, they randomly appear immediately after orgasm and then go down a few hors later, or does this sound notihng like herpes?
Also is the lump on my lip likely to be herpes since it is just a single lump that ive had for months and it hasnt burst or anything like that?
Thanks again

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