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Is this Herpes

I had unprotected sex and unprotected oral sex with a girl six weeks ago. About a week later I noticed some red blotches on the tip of my penis, not raised, and no pain, they nearly went away after a few days but I can still just see them now. At the same time I had some other symptoms, Cold/flu, pain in testicles/groin.
I also developed a sore tongue with some white marks on it that come and go. Six weeks on, I still get lower abdomen pain, itching / pain in my penis, very sore tongue and mouth with small white sores, slight redness above my upper lip, and constant tiredness. I have been to the doctors atleast five times, had a general STD test (all negative), and been assured that its not an STD. I also have itchy eyes alot of the time. Do I have Herpes, or some other obscure STD ?
I am starting to despair about this and would appreciate any help, thanks.
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I forgot to mention that I have also had a very red and sore throat that came with the sore mouth / tongue.
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At this point all you can do is to continue following up on this with your provider.

Itchy eyes are not due to a std.

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