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Is this herpes ??

Doc Terri,

Few days back i was in vegas strip club. I was drunk and i kissed a stripper (deep french for min or two) and kissed her breast too :(

now exact two days later i got the white mark on my lower lips. Please see the images in link below and let me know if you think this is a cold sore ?? I have a mild sore throat but no fever. The white patch on my lips doesn't hurt and i been trying to remove it using my tooth too.

Though my tongue kind of hurts. on closer look i can see some very very small red dots (not sure if its normal)

During vegas i drank a lot of alcohol and got dehydrated. my lips were all dry and chapped so i am using chap stick since then.

Please see the image of white patch on my lower lip and give me you opinion if this looks like a herpes cold sore ??

Image Link



thanks for ur help.
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I looked at the pictures.  They don't look like cold sores, no.  The technical term for the area on your lip is leukoplakia (white patch) but why it is there, I don't know.  If it continues to be present, I would go to see your dentist for a further evaluation.  Stop trying to remove it with a toothbrush, you will be confusing the picture for the dental evaluation.

If the area changes or becomes a blister, then I would be concerned about cold sores.  If that happens, get seen right away for treatment.

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Thanks Terri,

it never became blister. But its still there. Not as hard and prominent but patch is still visible. Is this something to get worried about ?? should i visit dermatologist for this ??
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If the patch remains for a few more weeks, I would have it checked out, yes.

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