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Is this herpes? Serious inquiries only.

I have pictures attached. I'm assuming the worst of the worst that in fact it is general herpes. I'm just curious. I have not had sex since I broke up with my ex about 3 months ago. I did have a girl on top of me her pants were off. My boxers were on. The bumps are on the waste line of my boxers. There is one that is red I popped that was lower because I didn't know what it was which is why it looks more red. They have no pain. No itching no swelling no pain in urination. They're just there. It looks like it when I look at Google pics online. Have mostly always used a condom except with girlfriends I did not (2 girlfriends). Hoping it's not but if so I will move forward with it. Like I said on the waste line and 2 in the corner of my upper thigh and groin area. None on shaft or penis itself. Please respond and I will attach pictures if I figure out how.
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Also, I have had them for roughly 5 weeks and there has been 0 change at all to them. I do workout a lot and play hockey.
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These do not sound like herpes lesions. Timing, location and lack of progression are all not suggestive of herpes.
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