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Is this herpes on my body?

A couple of months ago I had some sort of blister appear between my scrotum and thigh. At first the area was tender and red then a opening formed like a bump and when I squeezed it blood came out.Then it healed and after a week it was gone. Since then this has happened about three times in the same location. I have seem photos of herpes and it does not look like this but this is concerned. Any idea of what this is? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hard to say really. A random bump could be any number of things. I suggest the next time this appears, you go immediately to have it swabbed by PCR at an urgent care or a doctor. Don’t wait to be seen.
Since blood came out of it, it doesn’t sound like hsv. Hsv blisters/lesions are surface sores with a clear or yellowish fluid.
Still, since it has returned a few times, that’s enough reason for me to advise you getting checked.
If the appearance of this sore coincides with recent sexual activity, you could also do a blood test if it has been at least 12 weeks. You would want an IgG test.
Another thing is that my most recent sexual interaction before the first outbreak was with a condom. Does that change anything?
Well that does offer some protection but it’s not fool proof. Do you know the hsv status of your partner? Do you know your hsv status (it’s not part of a standard std panel; you would have needed an IgG)?
No but I did ask her if she got tested and she said she was clean. Could I get herpes in a tight space like this? Because the blister thing is just between my scrotum and thighs. And over the months I haven't noticed any painful/itchy blisters or warts on my penis or pelvic area.
What do you think?
For a primary outbreak (meaning an outbreak shortly after infection), symptoms usually appear at the point of virus entry. For a man, usually the shaft of the penis.
For recurrences, an outbreak can occur anywhere in the genital area. Some get outbreaks on their penis, anus, butt, thighs or even up on their stomachs.
Yeah I never experienced an outbreak or anything on the shaft of my penis. Like nothing at all its been smooth down there. Is it possible that I could have missed noticing it on my own?
Some people just don’t have recognizable symptoms. The best thing to do is get an IgG test and if the sore appears again, have it checked by a trained clinician. You are probably worried for nothing.
You dont think its anything?
I would go get this sore looked at if it returns. Whether or not you want to blood test is up to you. Because this sore has returned, that is the only reason I suggest having it swabbed. Doesn’t sound like you have had any other concerning symptoms.

Oh okay. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. You're amazing.
You’re welcome!
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