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Is this herpes or something else?

I have been itching on my labia minora and mons pubis for the past two weeks, as well as my inner thigh and the front of my thigh. The itchy is uncomfortable but not to the point it is unbearable.  I had one bump on top of my vagina (mons pubis).  It itched a little bit.  I left it alone for two days, then popped it.  When I did, it looked like a pimple and I had a slanted hair inside of it.  I put alcohol, aloe vera, and tea tree oil on it and it disappeared completely after 24 hours.  I have no more bumps, but itching has persisted.  It has been about two weeks.  This is not the first time the itching happens. The first time was over 6 months ago after I had a one night stand.  I was really drunk and I do not remember if I used protection or not.  I had one bump also, but I had shaved and my skin gets really irritated after I shave, which is why I hardly ever do it.  I am also a very anxious person.  So I dont know if this has anything to do with the itching.  The bump has been gone for about three days now, but I am still itching.  Please help.
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This is not hsv related. See your gyno for the itching. You may have a ph imbalance or yeast.
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Thank you! I will make an appointment as soon as I get off my period.  I just started this morning!
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