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Is this herpes or wart related??

I saw this bump on my girls labia minors the other day and she asked me to squeeze it and c what comes out. I squeezed  the bump and dry stringy yellowish brown fluid came out very thin.. it almost cheese looking. Anybody know what this could be? I wish I could load a picture of it 2 someone  but idk how. Need help cus  i can't stop thinkin about it
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Hello, I honestly don't think what you popped was neither herpes or a wart. Herpes is "water filled" blister and warts are solid. I think maybe a pimple or maybe molluscum contagiosum.
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I agree with this.

Don't pop things like this. The best idea is to let a doctor do it and test it to see if it's something that needs treatment or is infectious.
Thanks to both of y'all for replyin. But is there a way I culd load a picture of way it luks like 2 give more Insight?
We don't allow genital pics on this site, but you could post it on imgur or a site like that and link it. Keep in mind that a lot of photo hosting sites will remove it if it's a clear pic of genitals.

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