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Is this herpes?

Hi. So recently (1 or 2 months ago) I had Protected sex with this guy. Eventually I got mononucleosis and I had to be admitted to the hospital. After I went home I had the first medical appointment, where they found out that the bloodwork not only found positivity for the EBV (responsible for the mono) but also for Herpes Simplex 1/2 IgM (the IgG was negative). Immediatly after that appointment (which was a week ago) I started feeling tingling on my lip corners, around eyes and face. Now I have tiny white spots (like 1mm) on the corners of my lips that have a tiny amount of fluid and easily burst and disapear, and then hours later I can see other spots on the same spot. I'm freaking out because I don't if it's herpes outbreak or not... It's been like this for 4 or 5 days.. The spots are not similar to the ones I see on google (mine are much smaller), and I don't see evolution on spots (not getting bigger, or yellow...) since days ago..
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Hi from what you describe they do not appear as herpes at all. also you tested negative so you can rule that out.
Thank you for your reply. However I said I tested positive for IgM. Only the IgG was negative.
we dont use igm only igg
Thank you
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Hi there.  How long has it been since the  initial sexual encounter?  It is not uncommon to test  positive with a Herpes Simplex 1/2 IgM test and  negative with (the IgG test if it was done  too soon after your  last sexual  encounter.  From what I understand sometimes The Igm test can pick up on a new outbreak. Sometimes it can pick up on the very first antibodies that are produced when  your body is responding to the virus.  Sometimes these tests produce false positive. Now on the other hand the IgG test is found to be  more reliable when finding  active  antibodies.  But the downside is it usually takes your body quite some time to produce these antibodies. So while the IgG is useed more often because of its accuracy and reliability it  usual takes a while to obtain accurate results.  You want to wait at least three months or 12 weeks exactly if not more to be on the safe side.  I prefer not to comment on the symptoms  people describe. I think it’s best to go to a doctor in order to  really determine what you are experiencing. Herpes can resemble many different things.  It’s not always textbook and what we see on Google. Best of luck to you!  I ultimately hope everything turns out for the best! Keep us posted!
Hi. Thank you for your response! The first time was two months ago.. (although I kissed the same guy a year ago). I will go to the doctor eventually to try to sort this out, and repeat the IgG. (Now I'm always afraid to touch my own lips, even with chapstick, because I dont want to spread it all over my face an the rest of my lips...it's very stressful...). If I test positive what is the chance of having visible oral manifestations? Do the majority or minority of people get them? Thank you again for your help! When I find out what the problem is I'll post it.
The chance of having  visible lesions even if testing  positive for the virus(  having positive antibodies  within the given number reference) all depends on your immune systems response to the virus.  That’s the amazing thing about the body. The virus itself can lie dormant for years  because of a healthy   Immune system  continue suppress it.  Everyone is different.  But for now I wouldn’t concern myself with it too much.  Mainly because I’m truly rooting for the best in terms of your results!! That’s worst-case. Let’s take one step at a time for now!

Keep us informed my friend!

Best  wishes!
Sorry for the typo. I meant to say continuing to suppress It.
I will. Thank you so much!
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