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Is this herpes


The past couple days I have had a medium size lump right on the are where my inner and outer labia meet.. when I squeezed it I could see the blood and pus in it.. it only hurts when I touch it.. not to be gross but I squeezed it a little more and blood and pus shot out of it onto the mirror I was using to look at it.. it was a little sore today and when I got home it looks irritated almost like a little bump lesion and has a some clear liquid around it.. do you think this is herpes or an ingrown hair?
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Pus sounds like it’s bacterial. Herpes sores tend to have a clear fluid. Keep your hands off it and maybe take a break from shaving, if you do, to give your skin a chance to heal. If you get any further bumps or sores, go to a doctor or an urgent care to have it examined.
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Thank you, I will do that
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