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Jock itch or herpes

About 14 days ago I had unprotected oral sex, received and on day 14 intense itching and burning started and I still have it, it is now day 16 I went to the gym and did lots of cardio and think it could be jock itch but tears appear in groin area between thigh and scrotum after workout. Both sides of groin  scouts area are hot and only left side has red tears in skin and right side does not but both are hot and tingly . I have not noticed any blisters etc and as stated previously rip tear in skin is in oneside and appeared after workout but both sides were hot before workout, maybe due to previous day workout. I have read through many threads on here and just want opinions and advice . I know the drs on here typically state that signs appear earlier and I know I am out of the average range when symptoms typically appear for initial outbreak. Please advise
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It's not herpes related. Yes jock itch for sure. That's a very common place for it. Get an antifungal cream.
Then you !! I was unsure if ripping and tears in skin were common to jock itch and was freaking out. I only just recently recommitted myself to working out
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I would definitely say fungal rather than hsv. Hsv wouldn't be on both sides like this. You probably irritated the skin by working out as well.
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