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Just a question

I'll attempt to spare you the long and somewhat confusing backstory and get to the general question.

Is is possible to transmit herpes to someone a week after initial exposure to the virus?

I know the timeline since the female I was intimate with is the carrier, and within a week, I was intimate with someone else and the condom failed (broke) while we were intimate.

I was recently warned to get tested by someone I was seeing for a short period of time who had come back positive for herpes. (She is a date rape victim and got retested after we were intimate).

I fully intend to alert the one I'm dating now, since my results now show that I'm in the early stages of having the virus, but let it be known that new female and I haven't been intimate since the week I'm questioning her potential exposure.
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Yes it is entirely possible to infect someone from the time you are infected yourself. You are likely to be more infectious in the first 6 months of your infection than the longer term level.

What are the signs you have in any event? What testing have you undertaken, either now or in the past?
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That's what I was afraid of, I don't want to ruin anyone else's life especially since it wasn't their fault at all that this happened.

I haven't had any symptoms and hope I'm one of the cases where I don't show any. I just received my results today and got the warning a week ago, so I'm still in the phase where I'm coping with the life change.

I received a blood test and urine test which tested for 10 different diseases.
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Let's focus on you for the moment.

What were the HSV related tests you had and what were the results?
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My test was a 10 panel test that checked for everything possible. Blood and urine samples were taken.

As for the results, HSV1 showed <.09 levels, HSV2 showed 3.0 levels. I'm guessing since it isn't as high as 7 or more the virus is just entering my system. I have read however that there are instances of false positives if your results show levels under 5.
I'm reaching to believe that I may be okay by even mentioning it, but its only human.
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How long from last possible exposure to the carrier until blood was drawn for the test?

In any event you will need to retest at some stage soon.
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The initial encounter was July 30th of this year, then I was tested September 13th.
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That helps in the sense that your result is consistent with an infection about 30 July or earlier. I'm not sure if the 30 July woman was the one who warned you of a possible infection. If not, she may have also been exposed to the virus by you.

I would retest again at the end of October and assess the situation further at that point.
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She was the one who advised me to get tested, and also the one who had been raped as to the reason she was concerned.

Out of curiosity, how are you so educated on this issue? I'd like to learn as much as I can about this virus now that I've unfortunately been exposed to it.
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Just start reading a lot of this website, particularly Terri in the Ask a Doctor adjacent forum and look for HSV research and read a few papers of interest.
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