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Just diagnosed with genital HSV-1

I am in search of information and answers...
I have been with my husband for 18 years. We had sex 2 weeks ago, and failed to use lubricant. The next morning I noticed small cuts down south. I figured it was due to the sex. I also changed soaps and started using a powder in my underwear around the same time. Shortly after, I noticed that the cuts were becoming infected and painful.
I went into my doc and she took a look and said I had Herpes! I was totally freaking out. She swabbed the area and sent me home with Valtrex.
I confronted my husband, thinking he had to have given it to me. He ademantly denied ever having sexual contact of any kind with anyone other than me. He has never had any symtoms, and went in for the blood test, which came back negative for HSV-1 and 2.
Mine came back positive for HSV-1.
I have only had one other partner, in high school, and have never had oral sex performed on me. I broke up with this ex 18 years ago. Could this lie dormant that long, and pop up now?
I have had 2 pregnancies, and lots of stress in my life. Would think this would have reared it's ugly head a long time ago...I've never had anything like this before. Never a cold sore, either.
How could I not have spread it to my hubby after all of this time? We never use protection, as I have an IUD.
How do I prevent him from catching it? He is pretty upset and wants answers, which I dont have. I have been totally faithful to him as well.
I have been going crazy trying to find accurate info on the web. Could I have caught this in any other way besides a partner 18 years ago?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi and welcome. Hsv1 most people catch at a young age from sharing dribble ridden things. Its all to common. It does lie dormant and comes out during certain things like stress. But the bottom line is what test did they do and what was your igg numbers as there can be false positives. When it is acquired young the body builds up a tolorance and usually does not re appear.
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They cultured the genital sores I had. It came back as HSV-1
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what was the numbers
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I concur with the above comment, you very likely have an oral HSV-1 infection and have done so since childhood. It is not uncommon to have no symptoms.

Your husband with negative HSV blood tests means he is 'exonerated' from having HSV up until say 12 weeks before the blood was drawn (and probably less). There is a tiny possibility that he we was infected inside that window and passed it to you quickly, but that seems purely a theoretical occurrence not aligned to the circumstances.

Most likely then you do not have genital herpes.

There is no reason for you or your husband to doubt fidelity or be concerned about this.

The reason you haven't transmitted this to him is because the rates are low and you've clearly avoided outbreaks as you haven't had any. Couples can be exactly as you are, one with HSV-1 the other free and enjoy a whole lifetime of intimacy with no transmission.
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But could HSV1 just pop up in the genital area VS the mouth? Or would it have to be transmitted there somehow? I have never had cold sores...confused.
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Actually, talking with my mom, she reminded me of a few occasions growing up and also as an adult where I had a sore on my chin (thought was just an infected pimple that went crazy) Could I have transferred it to my lower parts?
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