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Just tested positive. Could use some advice

After many months of testing and retesting and thinking I was in the clear (this has been going on for over 6 months now) I just tested positive for HSV-1. My IgG was 1.78. So well into the positive range. I'm not entirely sure what to do with myself. How do I get passed this? It's genital HSV-1. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Any back story like lesions or anything? Anything under 3.5 should be confirmed with a western blot test!
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It falls well into the false postive range. If if you never tested postive before then almost certainly this is a false positive
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Sorry, I should have added information. I have a few more detailed posts from a few months back that explain my situation and what happened to me. Here's a brief summary. In October of last year, I had a splotchy rash on the end of my penis that hurt and eventually went away. It came back as a widespread rash that seemed to be kept under control with yeast infection medication as I spoke with a physician and she said this was her best guess. I didn't have any lesions or open sores that scabbed over. Only the rash. I tested frequently for this. I tested 1 month, 3 months, and 4 months after the symptoms appeared and I tested negative for HSV-1 and HSV-2 both times. This time, I tested positve for HSV-1 and the number was 1.78. So your suggestion is that I should take a western blot to confirm? Do you know the likelihood that this is a false positive? Is it common for people to receive a false positive around this number this late after possible infection?
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Yes it is common for low false positives to turn up at anytime.  You can take the westerblot as that will sort this out. I myself had a false positive for hsv1 at a 1.3. Westernblot proved negative and I took two more igg tests and they were neg as well.
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Thank you. Maybe I'm not actually positive. I'll retest with the western blot and maybe more IgG tests. Thank you.
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Hello, I was wondering when I should retest and do the Western blot? Should I wait a little while or would it work to do so now?
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Just retest with the Westernblot, it's really arcurate and it's been long enough it should be conclusive.
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