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L-Lysine and Menstrual Cycle?

Does L-Lysine affect menstrual cycles? I've noticed since I have begun taking these vitamins I havent had a period and its been 3 months! Back in November, I was found to have a simple cyst on my right ovary and all of this didnt start happening until I started taking it. I would hate to stop since it has been very effective (along with Valtrex) with stopping me from having outbreaks. Does anyone just think it is a coincidence???? This is frustrating as I am trying to have a baby with my bf!
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Lysine isnt proven to be effective. Valtrex is more than enough. Stop taking it and see what happens.  
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Really? I've read plenty of articles that actually contradict the ineffective statements. Nonetheless, I am going to cease taking them. I wonder how long before it is out of my system. I have only began retaking them this past week.
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I thought so too and in fact took it for several months and didnt see any results. Valtrex is the only thing that works for me.  I had read on here for the first time that recent studies so it to be ineffective but some people still swear by it.  
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it's the valtrex keeping you from having herpes recurrences, not the lysine.   lysine is one of the biggest herpes myths out there!!

nothing about lysine should affect your menstrual cycle either. continue to follow up on those issues with your gyn.

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Lysine has helped with my outbreaks but my periods has stopped as well .. I only take natural vitamins for my herpes and they all work lemon balm lysine and red migraine let me know what your doctor says
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