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Length of sores before healing? This is a bit long, but only contains useful information.



1 dry (inside) and no scab (on top) ; flat genital lesion with slightly raised bumpy outter trim, opens into shallow crater.  No redness.  
For the first two weeks after it appeared it would have some burning/itching when it would rub on my panties line. Wouldn't notice it otherwise.  

rim of labia majora ; close to wear pubic hair line ends going towards inner mucousal skin


Length of time it's been there:
6 weeks      

How noticed:  (by feeling)
1 med-large nodule: felt soft and squishy on sides all around.   Tip felt as if I could pop it and substance would come out.  Squeezed as hard as possible 4 times, no pain, no substance.  Left it alone.  Thought to check it out the next day and this new appearance was in place.  Went to the doctor that day, it was swabbed (viral culture) and came back negative for hsv.  The clinic it was sent to is an hour away, worried about test being a false negative.

One doctor says not herpes, but Sabacceous cyst.... (i have hard time believing this seeing as how there is no bump there to squeeze, and its not painful; though she says it will drain)
The dermatologist says herpes or folliculitis, but she was confused as it has never scabbed over and has lasted this long.  ( how reassuring )  

I am having hard time figuring out what this could be and if i should trust that swab.  

Looking for insight on this site.  


1. Can a sebacceous cyst turn into this shallow crater apprx 4 mm in length but diameter almost the size of a dime after being squeezed?
2. Can a cyst be painless and how long would they last on the skin?

1. If it were to be a herpetic lesion wouldn't it have scabbed over?
2. Or the crater raised back up to the surface skin level?
3. What about pain?  I read a lot that they can and are usually painless.  

around 3 days after the doctor swabbed it I developed a chest infection, my cervical glancs swelled (throat), and my throat was a bit sore (thinking from the mucous and coughing) and I was coughing constantly..sometimes dry and scratchy, but most of the time mucous would be a result.  The back of my neck was stiff for an entire week, and I had a slight burn during urination occasionally. My nose was not apart of the infection however (did not drain (run))  This lasted from 3 to 5 days.  It was a sudden hit, not gradual.  Just came on and by the end of the day or next morning after first arriving it was in full swing.    

Could this be any indication that it is a herpetic breakout?  

I never mentioned it to my Doctor or the Derm. after, didn't think anything about it.  
I am not freaked out by it too badly, because it is what it is, no changing it.  So dealing with it i guess.  But I am wanting insight on the situation.  So if someone who has good knowledge about these to skin conditions that would be much appreciated if you could answer all of the questions above so i don't keep asking.  

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this doesn't sound like it's a herpes lesion. you can easily pop a herpes lesion.  also herpes won't stick around unchanged for 6 weeks either.

If you have a regular partner, you can both get type specific herpes igg blood tests to see who has what to rule it out better for your providers.

stop picking at things!!!

you didn't transmit herpes from your genital area to your lips either.

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last night shortly following some intense burning/tingling sensations on my top lip 3 small bumps that i thought were pimples appeared, i tried popping them and oddly they all shot out clear fluid and only one put out a thin trace of blood  now its even more painful and red.

I wish i would have let them go to see what would have developed from them.  I cannot believe that i accidently touched the sore or down there and then swiped my mouth.    I am really hoping they were just odd pimples lol.  now with this red splotch on my lip.  
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No partner.  Not had one for 5years.  No sex either...(no joke.. prefer masturbation...safer..no sti's that way)

I was hoping that those bumps weren't cold sores.  They burned and hurt really bad for a week and stayed red the entire time, still there and scabbed over as one sore vs individual.  My left side gland swelled up a couple days before the bumps that hurt to the touch showed.  Lasted for a week total.  

Today I found that my right tonsil swelled up, my throat itched also and my inner ear on the same side has pain on ocassion.  However I looked in my throat to see if i just had a reg. infection and pus (totally normal for me on a reg. basis) and low and behold i find two pea side blisters.  Clear coating but yellowish substance inside.  It looks like one maybe has popped before along side it cuz its got a red pit..almost scab looking.  can't quite tell what i am seeing.  Throat is not sore, tonsils not really really anymore pink than normal. It also appears as there are blisters on the back of my throat straight back.  Neck is still pretty dang stiff in the back though.  same thing that happened before the lip sores.  

What could this be?
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your throat and ear symptoms don't sound like herpes at all. sounds like an upper respiratory infection like are very common this time of the year.
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Last question:

Will let ya know how dr. appt. goes just...cuz idk lol feel like follow up is always appreciated to kill curiousity.  

This could sound silly, but my son is in preschool and I was wondering if an adult could get that ***(hand foot and mouth disease)***? He has good cough and runny nose, really tired, and slight fever. No blisters on hands or feet or mouth that i can see.

I heard it is primarily found in children during summer and autumn months.   I never had it as a kid according to my mother..  idk.  My red flat spots are slowly raising into blisters and throat is burning more, becoming more painful (not when swallowing yet, but just sore, and it has this dry/scratchy sandpaper feel to it when the air hits it when breathing.  

I thought hm, well, maybe this could be it, he did have a friend that he rides bus with that was sick for the entire week and at home (don't know what illness, driver didn't know).  idk. just a thought.

so just wondering if adults can get that also?  wrong board?

I have a dr appt in the morning to get it checked out, if it is its not a big deal (the hand foot and mouth)

I was just shocked to see this. I haven't had a cough in a couple months, ... slight runny nose mainly sinus drainage, far and few in between coughs, though my lowerback last night i thought was going to kill me, omg the pain was awful.
(don't know if that has anything to do with it, but thought i would throw it out there)

anyhoo, thanks for all the thoughts and insight.  
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This is the herpes forum.  We really can't comment much on anything other than herpes. My advice is to talk to the doctor and see what he has to see.
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yes adults also get coxsackie virus infection.  Indeed most of us get it while we are kids but you can get it at any age.

see your provider - they can better diagnose you.
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Thanks Grace.

Found a blister on my eye lid....  now i'm quite worried.   Only because i don't know about ocular herpes.  

I seen her (The doc) today and she couldn't tell me what it was that is going on.  Strep swab negative.  Didn't do any other testing.  

I got home and my eye was itching like crazy.. I looked at it and I have a 1 mm clear blister in the crevas of the top eye lid.. it rubs on the eye when i blink causing discomfort, and it almost looks as if another tiny blister is forming on the other end of the lid.  

Blister hurts when touched.

The doctor did see the red splotch that is still on my lip where i had those few bumps i popped. SHe said, "oh..you get cold sores?"  I Was like.."um.. i never have had one...i had these 3 bumps on the edge of the pink on my lips a week ago that i popped, but the scab is gone and its healed up now"  (Scab was...white and red..like scaley like eczema looks) just red puffed skin with dried white skin on it.  No yellow or green like she was talkin. (at least none noticeable)  they were just tiny bumps on top of the skin.

The sore is healed totally but there is still pinkish red spot over it.    I had had contact around 7years ago with a girl that had a cold sore (kissed..yea yea)(didn't know what it was then)

And i still don't care about hsv1 cold sores..big deal.  But!  I remember when i popped the bumps, not only did they hurt like heck to even touch before i popped them, but they leaked out a clear fluid, as if i dropped a drop of water on my finger and it ran down.  
I thought it was weird but never thought of a cold sore and i didn't wash my hands..i frequently rub my eye..a certain one...the one with the blister.  This blister is here now around 7 days after that lip sore appeared.

Question:  Could i have given myself ocular herpes? What would i be seeing and feeling?  And would this occur before the blister appeared or after?    I'm trying to ignore it and just wait it out to see what is goin on, but Just a piece of mind from you could help ease my mind a lot.  please.  

My cheek bone itches and forehead itches a lot on that side of the face, but i think its mainly cuz i know something is in my eye and so stress is taking over with the other symptoms.  

I now longer worry about that sore down below being herpe related. so that is out of my head...but this lip sore now only concerns me because of my eye symptoms.  
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odds are this is something non-herpes going on.  

follow up again monday if you aren't any better.

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its hard to tell if i had a cold sore or not so therefore i do not know if i should even be concerned with ocular herpes. ( THe 3 painful painful tiny bumps that were on the edge of my lip in a prev. post.  )

My eye blister popped after two days...  however for the past like 5 days i have had the feeling that something is in my eye the same eye... there is a tiny tiny tiny bit of extra redness around the iris.  but nothing that anyone would look at and go "Omg your eye!"  if they would really even notice.  

since the blister and during i have had this tiny amounts of watery discharge seeping out of the corner of my eye.constantly!.toward the nose.

Two days ago i felt like something was pumping air into my eye, like inflating it..  as well as pushing it out of my socket. ah!  only lasted for a day, almost two.   But during this time the watering pretty much stopped completely.  

My vision has been cloudy especially on the side, but also in the front top of the center.   I want to say it feels dry , but then there is that watery discharge crap coming out again after pressure went away in my eye..  It feels like there is a long layer of sand under my top lid

There is a lot of soreness directly under the eyebrow and on top of the bone just under the eye.  giving me a slight headache at times, but goes away pretty quickly if i shut them for a couple seconds.  

I can't help but think back to when i popped those horribly painful bumps on my lip just before the eye started getting irritated.  Popping them and not washing my hands after.. only to go to sleep when i constantly rub my eyes with the blankets i touched all over as well as my fingers.  I will never make that mistake again.. wish i had experience a cold sore before so i knew what was goin on i would not have touched it at all.  God forbid it was and i touched my female genitalia...grr that would tork me off...  give it to yourself due to lack of knowledge.  

Lights seem to make my eye burn worse...heck...same with the air period! I open my eye and go...whooo that smarts a tad.  Not unbearable in the least but dang it doesn't feel normal.  

Crappy enough I ended up wiping my bad eye and then rubbing the other shortly after.   I don't know what to think.    I hate to go to the doc again and be like... Hey , hows it goin...appointment for the hypochondriac please.   thus why i haven't gone.

Nothing is going right.  I fricken broke my hand yesterday also.  what a nightmare.  

ANy thoughts on ocular herpes or possibility of?   I don't know how long if that was herpes clear fluid from the bumps that ran on my finger can live on the fingers.  in the crease between the skin and nails.  god i hope like 5 seconds! I hate the thought of my sight being damaged at such a young age.  
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You need to see an eye doctor regarding your eye issues.  The only way to find out what is going on is to be seen.  You aren't a hypochondriac if you have active symptoms and your eyes are one of our most important senses so getting it checked would be highly advised regardless if this is herpes or not.  
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