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Likelihood of herpes, and several ingrown hairs. Help please.

Hello everybody,

I had three encounters of unprotected sex in the past 3 months (with two different partners...one was for five minutes probably, the other twice, men. Yes I know this is and was unwise, bear with me here). Neither had visible lesions from what I can remember, although I know that does not change anything. I am prone to ingrown hairs in the genital/vaginal region, and lately I have been getting a few more than usual. They have hairs growing out of them (on my vagina) and some will produce pus, and if I squeeze them, later clear fluid, then go completely flat. I have had these checked out by three doctors who agreed that they did not look like herpes lesions, but I know that a visual diagnosis is iffy and sometimes incorrect. I did not experience fever, painful urination, or most other symptoms associated with herpes.

I did notice that I am more prone to getting ingrown hairs/acne closer to the end of my birth control pill pack. I break out on my face and sometimes get zits on my arms even. I revisited my doctor today to perform the iGg herpes tests.  My doctor said that these "bumps" did not sound like herpes, but I am a worry-wart and I want to move past my unprotected sexual encounters. Obviously, I have a great deal of fear for the consequences of my actions, but my doctor seemed to think that I was just taking this test for good measure and to be safe. Hopefully he is correct. I have been praying for good news and a negative test for many days now.

My questions are as follows:
1-Is it uncommon to get several ingrown hairs at once, and for some to become painful after squeezing?
2-What is the likeliness of herpes, in your opinion?
3-What gives with the ingrown hairs closer to my period/placebo week? I am also prone to cystic acne :(
4-If you have any words of encouragement, I would love to hear them. I have been totally honest with my mother about this and she has been incredibly supportive. I am only 20 years old and want to move on and discontinue feeling guilty for my actions.
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I should be a little clearer and admit that they are on my labia/mons pubis and not directly on the vagina.
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I'd follow up with a dermatologist for this at this point.  you have a history of skin issues so hopefully together you can come up with a skin care program that works better for you than what you are doing now.

do you shave your pubic hair?

You also might want to consider changing your birth control pill too. try a few different ones and see which one works best for you for controlling hormonal skin changes. You also can take the plain ole birth control pill ( like regular ortho novum ) all the time instead of stopping for a week each month to get a period. we have no reason to get a period so stopping them completely or even taking them for 3 months at a time and just getting 4 periods a year is fine.  that should help with hormonal swings if you are having them as the cause of your skin issues.

once you have your blood test results back, I can help you with them more.

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Yes, I do shave. I saw somebody about these bumps and they agreed that they were ingrown hairs. I was crying today because I am so nervous for my test results to come back. I may change my pill as soon as my refills run out, as it's making my skin break out...A LOT. I stack my pill packs together so I don't get my periods frequently.

Still, what do you believe the likelihood is? I think my doctor thought I was being extra cautious as I've really only had these ingrown hairs and nothing else...thanks for your reply, Grace.
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Hi grace,

I received my test results today. My doctor said that the HSV1 and HSV2 tests were both negative meaning no prior infection and no current infection. I also was given the hepatitis panel and those results were all negative as well.
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you shave so odds are these are ingrown hairs or folliculitis going on.   consider a different hair removal method like waxing, laser hair removal or even just keeping the hair short with a body hair trimmer.    also tons of info online about better tlc with shaving pubic hair too.  
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Yes, I also heard of a few products that can help with ingrown hairs so I am going to try those out as well. I will post a reply if I have any further questions!
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