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I have a red patch on my upper lip that is red, dry,  but no blister and does not itch.  It burns when I get somethign acidic on it.  I noticed that I had a blister under my tongue a few day ago.  My upper lip feels a bit tight, like after getting windburn.  I did have a scab over the area, like a layer of soft skin. I'm 51 years old, female.  
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Hi Hoosie,

My advice for you would be to visit your doctor, or a good dermatologist.

Keep an eye out for anything developing around your genetalia and if the condition around your mouth deteriorates then make sure your are seeking physical medial advice.

Hope this helps
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at your age, it is quite likely that you do have hsv1 orally. have you ever been tested for herpes to know your hsv1 and hsv2 status?

could this be herpes causing your problems?  It could be but it sounds more like just chapped lips more than anything.

blisters under the tongue usually are mucoceles and not std related at all.

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