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Lip Blister

3 days ago, I woke up to an ulcer like big hump in my lip (raising my bottom lip a good quarter inch) and redness. over the next 3 days, it has cracked my lips and caused the top layer of skin to break. The skin break is right where the wet inside of your mouth meets the inside of your lips, right in the middle. I am a hypochondriac and I am freaking out as expected. I went to 2 different pharmasists (on a business trip so I cant see a dr yet) to see what I should get to help the dryness/burning and see if they knew what it was. One told me that it looked like I had injured it physically (cant remember doing that) and they other suggested that it might be the cause of me chewing salt rich sun flower seeds, which I do ALL the time, with a lot of your saliva congregating in that area and posibly drying out my lips. There is now a red sore, tender area however there are no cold-sore looking attributes (just from the pictures I looked up online) such as no ball like bumps or nothing on the outside of my lips where the lip meets the rest of the face. Could anyone offer any kind of ideas of what this might be besides Herpies before I go spend $100 on a test? Any advice, or any suggestions would help a TON as I am getting a little bit worried. If anyone wouldnt mind looking at a picture I will send it to their e-mail for better help. Thanks guys.

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Don't do the test. it's a waste of money. this is coming from someone who has so much trouble with chapped lips. It's just irritated and the seeds are definitely something that would dry it out. It's a mucous membrane so when it gets irritated in the slightest it's going to freak out on you. The salt is extremely irritating cause it dries it out. Send me a pic. i am telling you, there is nothing to worry about!!
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