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Lip Issues - Herpes?

I woke up with my left side lower lip a bit swollen with some numbness.  The skin over the swelling has a darker red tinge.  Also there looks to be almost a white pimple blackhead forming on the edge of my lip.  The swelling has lasted a day and wasn't there last night.  It also feels like the lymph glands under my jaw are getting involved but I can't tell.  I suspect I might have herpes but am not sure.  Are there any other signs/symptoms I should look for?  If it is Herpes, how long will it be before I see blisters.  Currently I don't have anything on the surface, only a small white dot on the border of my lip.
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Also, the swelling seems to be receding late in the day (still there though, numb feeling on lip) but a small whitish dot, almost like a pimple head is forming just below my lip.  Could be an ingrown hair, not sure.  

Would like to know if this is texbook HSV1/2
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Sounds like it could be a number of things. Could even be zit coming in? Have you ever had a cold sore on your mouth area? Whatever it is, I would think it would manifest itself in the next day or so. Unfortunately, time will tell. But what is your main concern, if it is oral herpes? Stats show that upwards of 80% of the adult population has oral herpes.

If you suspect it is a cold sore, aka herpes, than I would start taking Lysine supplements. It helps to shorten the lifespan of the outbreak.
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Nope, wasn't HSV.  The lip gradually went down, left lymph node was swollen while this was going on.  Area was numb and had the point area pain of a pimple or boil.  No visible head but at any moment it had the look of a herpes spot about to blister.  Never did.  My guess is an infected salivary gland with a mild bacterial infection or an insect bite with a corresponding allergic reation. Lots of things start out with similar symptoms to the Herpes prodrome or first stage.

I did a LOT of internet research on this one.  A lot of the sites on the web are full of BS and wrong symptom lists.  If you think you got oral herpes from someone recently, the initial symptoms are a very SORE THROAT as well as sores INSIDE the mouth, NOT OUTSIDE ON THE LIPS.  If you see an eruption on your lips then it is a recurrent episode that you have had before (reference Dr Handsfield on Expert Formus).  I couldn't find anyone else who got that straight other than Dr Handsfield.  There are a lot of people with Herpes who have probably divorced their spouses because of bad internet information.  So if 5 days ago you engaged in that oral sex and suddenly you've got a sore on your lip, it probably has more to do with the beer bottle you shared with your buddy 6 months ago than the poor chick you went down on who you're now blaming (she's probably now got Herpes from you).

Furthermore, oral herpes is no big deal like the last guy said.  Getting tested for it is a waste of time and I don't understand why anyone would bother because the symptoms are so explicitly obvious.  If you have blisters and sores on your lips that scab over, you have Herpes and have probably had it for a long time.  If you have swelling, redness, pain or anything else that doesn't look like one or more fluid filled blisters that pop and scab over lasting 10 days, it isn't HSV...period.

If you want the best info, check out the STD forum run by Drs Handsfield and Hook on this site.  Those guys know their stuff!
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