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Low Positive HSV2. Should I get the Western Blot? Recommend a doc?

Long story short,

Late 20s straight male living in New York...Ive had my share of not so safe sexual encounters. I get tested periodically and have always been negative. Until this week.

My doctor told me I am negative for everything except HSV 2. I have never ever had an outbreak. Nothing that looks like herpes in the least. Never had fever blisters. However, ive read its possible for people to be asymptomatic or to mistake mild symptoms as being some other condition.

I got a 1.94 IgG score. I was baffled. I was negative in May, but the doctor said that test was IgM. She then told me that I previously scored 0.35 IgG for HSV2 back in 2012. She said this meant sometime in the last 4 years I picked up the virus.

So after a lot of research here and on other websites, what are my options? Ive read that people with scores from 1.1 to 3.5 are considered low positive and theres a chance I am false positive. However based on my reading, false positive is most common in those with HSV1 (which im negative), and those who are asymptomatic.

This all said, I scored a 0.35 iGg four years ago, so Im doubtful I truly got a false negative. But with that said, Ive never ever had true herpes outbreaks or symptoms that would be recognized clinically.

Is it worth my time to try to the Western Blot? Can I trust its results? And where might someone in the NY, NJ, CT, PA tri/quad state area get this test. I know I cant get it done in NY.

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I will try to help. First the .35 means nothing. All tests will have a numeric value.
You are correct about hsv2 under 3.5 being a good possibility for a low false positive. It's about 50/50.
If this were me I would wait a few weeks and take another igg hsv2 blood test. If it comes back negative then you're good. If it comes back with a low false positive then I would contact the university of Washington and have them send you the kit. Your Dr can draw the blood and send it back to the university.
I dont know if my doctor will send this out to them. She acted like things were very definitive when I started asking questions when she gave my results.

I may have to find another doctor who seems more agreeable.

Also do you know more about Western Blot and getting it done in New York or nearby states?
By agreeable, I just mean someone who's willing to talk to me and not naysay wanting a followup test like my current doctor.

Heck, she even poo-pooed the idea of a herpes blood test when I asked for a full STD screening. She felt that I shouldnt do it since I didnt have symptoms but I told her to do it anyway.
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Most Dr's are not up to speed on hsv and testing. The fact you were ever given an igm test proves that.
They don't even realize that low false positives are even a thing. Lol
New York is a real problem for the western blot I believe. You guys have some strange medical laws that prohibit sending the blood out. I have heard people going jersey to get the blood drawn.
I would worry about that after another igg test is taken.
When was your last unprotected exposure in relation to this test?
Just this past week. But I've been regularly seeing two women for the last couple months and it's not always protected (especially oral)

But like the doctor said... Based on my negative igg four years ago and lack of symptoms, we can't pin down a timeframe for contraction.
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So good news, but Im still confused. I got a second test by going to my local Quest Diagnostics, using stdtestexpress website as my referral. I got a complete STD panel…with the Herpes tests both being IGG, AB HERPESELECT for HSV 1 and HSV 2. My results were 0.19 for HSV1 and 0.11 for HSV2.

I was very relieved but still kind of worried. A few questions:

1. What do you know of stdtestexpress and websites like it? Im guessing they are trust worthy since they simply send me to Quest Diagnostics right?

2. How should I interpret these results? The reason I didn’t go to my regular health practice to see one of the doctors, was because the doctor who tested me in October didnt seem very understanding or helpful in explaining my results to me. Now Im very confused to have gone from testing Igg 1.91 from my October 22nd test down to Igg 0.11 on my January 7th test.

3. Did I wait long enough to re-test? And would you recommend a third test? Im maybe thinking to eventually do a Western Blot for the gold standard piece of mind. And it seems odd to me to have two different results…despite having been tested both times with HERPESELECT and with my specimen going to Quest Diagnostics both times.
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