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Low-positive for HSV2 via EGG. Next steps?

Hello, please help male 40.
Issue 1) On 2/9 pain urinating. Withish discharge 1 day. No sores but very tiny pimples, then slightly raised reddish bumps on penis head 2 days. Pain in genitals buttocks and inner things. Pain lasted abt month. Not saw blisters ulcers or lesions. Put on Metronidazole, Azithromicycin, Ciprofloxacin, and shot for ‘trich’.
Test 2/12 incl: HSV IGG herpeselect AB: HSV1 0.05, HSV2 0.12.
PCP on 2/22 said was chance of herpes. Put me on Famciclovir and referred to Urologist for pains.
Urologist checked prostate and scan of crotch area. Prognosis was undefined urethritis.
Issue 2) 8/31, 15 days after a random encounter, found tiny round lesions that seemed to be scarring. About 3 in one row and two on their own in a small area that was a little reddish. This was in the underside foreskin near the root of the frenum. After shower, open again.
9/2 Clinic Doc said didn’t look like herpes. Took tests incl:Culture anaerobic and aerobic bacteria: No organisms, white cells, or growth. Culture herpes simplex virus with typing HSV culture: none isolated.
HSV 1/2 AB IGM, IFA w/RFL to titer serum: HSV 1 IGM negative, HSV 2 IGM negative.
HSV 1/2 IGG herpeselect Type Specific AB: HSV 1 IGG 0.05, HSV 2 IGG 1.77H.
HSV 2 over range of 1.10. Nurse said I was exposed to HSV2 in the past but lesions were not related to it.
9/11 ‘STD expert’said culture was probably incorrect, looked at the lesion and said it looked like herpes, and put me on Acyclovir 400. All seemed better next day, a little pinkish in that specific area but no more open lesions by next day.
PCP 9/13 said looked like I had HSV2 older than 2 months and that closed up lesions did look like herpes.
1. How can I be sure this is herpes: biokit best now?
2. If I do have HSV2 could I have gotten it from my encounter in 8/15, only from unprotected oral sex once and slight possibility of vaginal fluid on my shaft? Or was the episode in Feb the 1st ocurrence?
Thanks in advance.
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Your positive value is definitely a low positive.  It needs to be confirmed with a second test.  Your tests in Feb. did not indicate HSV 2, so if it is a true positive, it has to be related to an incident either in the four months prior to feb or since then.  Your description if the incident in August doesn't sound like much risk to me, but difficult to tell for certain.

You do need a confirmatory test, but you need to stop taking any herpes medicine for this to be accurate.  If you stop taking herpes medicine, and you get another "outbreak" be sure to go in and see your health care provider right away.  

The confirmatory test I would recommend is the western blot.  You can order a test kit directly from them, google herpes western blot university of washington.  

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