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Male Genital Rash

Twenty-five days after unprotected sex I have developed a red, somewhat burning rash (feels kind of like a sunburn) on my scrotum and also have irritation and redness on the meatus and and foreskin area (and a little bit on under side of shaft; circumscized). It hasn't gone away after treatment for candida. I've tested negative for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphillis and HIV.

I haven't been tested for herpes yet. To what extent does a rash as described above, lasting going on 4 weeks now match herpetic symptoms?
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Thanks for your comment!

I'll get the test soon. It's frustrating that the test could be inconclusive.

I've now seen 4 docs, including a dermatologist. All have suggested it is either eczema or candida, and were adamant that it wouldn't be HSV2 with these symptoms.

It's very annoying. The inflammation around the meatus got worse after using steroid/anti-fungal creams. Redness all over scrotum also seems to worsen from creams.

From searching on the web, it seems redness over entire scrotum, with no sores or pain other than feeling a bit hot and slightly itchy would be atypical....
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Yes - you seem to want to rule out herpes. I recommend you go ahead and get the test. Ask for a type-specific IgG blood test, as the most accessible and quickest of the reliable tests. If it's a recent first infection, I'm afraid the test will come back negative, as antibodies will not have generated enough to trigger a positive result. You'll then have to re-test in 4 months.

Have you seen a specialist? That might be the next step - perhaps a urologist or a dermatologist.
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No comments? Redness and hot, tingling feeling on scrotum and meatus and around foreskin still hasn't been resolved after one full month.

Latest doc visit prescribed Ecocort and anti-fungal pills, which I've almost completed (1 more day).

Any advice?
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