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Many odd symptoms possibly herpes?

About 4 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a woman, and received oral.

About a week later,  I developed an itching sensation in my urethra. No discharge, just an itch. Seemed to get worse during the night.

Two weeks after the encounter the itching turned to a mild pain during urination. Red inflamed tip of penis. Small amounts of clear discharge if I looked hard enough. Decided to go the doctor and have an STD panel run.

3 weeks after the encounter the urination still hurt. It wasn't completely unbearable, but enough to cause a grimace while urinating. Still inflamed, now lymph node just above penis base on right side is tender. The doc calls me and says all tests came back negative except gonorrhea and chlamydia (HIV, HSV, syphilis, etc.) This was due to the lab results there were not reported yet. He decided because my symptoms had not improved that he would give me medication for both. They were going to be closed for 3 days and was pretty sure I had chlamydia. Got a shot in the butt and 1g of az.

That night I took the medication and noticed that the foreskin on the right size of my penis had nearly doubled in size. It was not painful. Within 2 days the swelling was gone, lymph nodes no longer were sore, and some reduction in penis tip inflammation.

Calls me back this past Monday and says that both gonorrhea and chlamydia were negative. No bacteria in urine at all. Symptoms didn't appear to resolve like I would have expected. The burning is still there, however within that past few days has gotten better. Inflammation is nearly gone, but gets more red and inflamed for a few minutes after using the restroom.

However, yesterday evening my left eye became red and irritated. I full on have some form of conjunctivitis. It is just in the left eye, but I am starting to feel a "scratchy" sensation in the right. Is this related to any of my previous symptoms in any way?

I never had any external lesions. I know many of you have said that it is very unusual to develop herpes restricted to the urethra, but I have read some journal articles that state it can occur. Are these symptoms adding up to herpes or HIV related stuff? I am asking because I know those two tests are fairly non-conclusive that early in the detection window.

Thanks in advance for your help. Any other pertinent information to discuss is greatly appreciated.

Also to clarify the timeline just in case:

Week 0: possible exposure
Week 1: itching
Week 2: burning, inflammation.
Week 3: tests, antibiotics
Week 4 (current): reduction in symptoms, eye issues, urethral not completely resolved.
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Get checked for a yeast infection. It can be passed back and forth woth partners. If you notice any sores or marks, have them evaluated. 4 weeks is a long time for the symptoms to persist for hsv without more overt symptoms. The swollen node is a little concerning since it’s a sign that infection is present but sustained itching and burning is fairly general and doesn’t point to hsv straight out. Can you ask your partner to test just to give you some peace of mind?
If you decide to test further, an HIV 4th generation test is conclusive at 6 weeks. Since it was unprotected sex, I would recommend hiv testing every time. This does not, at all, sound like hiv but just a good idea for people who don’t use condoms.
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