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Massage parlor

This past weekend (Sat the the 7th). I took some herbal sex pills (rihno and  another one, overdoes slightly) and I took a trip to a massage parlor. I went there expecting a nuru massage.  I thought she would have her underwear on and I would be naked. When I got there, I stripped nude and I was brought into a shower room, I laid on my back. The woman giving me the massage remove all her cloths and bathe me with soap. She rub the soap all over my skin. She then got on top on me while I was laying on my back, and started to grind herself on my while both of us where naked. She then turn me over washed my penis a bite and started to grind a bit, her vagina touch the base of my penis and my scrotum.... After the shower we went on to a massage room. While in the  room, she lick my backside, and then lick my penis with no condom . She then put a condom on me and gave me oral sex.  

Afterwards I left, got a bite to eat, the food, While eating the food did taste a little stale and I began feeling sick. A day later I had minor chills, my belly bloated, and I was feeling very nauseation. I also started to develop minor pain inside my scrotum. Yesterday I also started feeling a minor burn when peeing. I feel like I am coming down with a minor flu or something...... Question I have is am I at risk for herpes or any other STD, should I get tested? I just don't feel well :(
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This is exceptionally low risk of any STD. If you require the comfort, then obtain testing 7 days after the incident for gon, chlam and maybe hep. Nothing else is required unless you experience further symptoms.
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Thank u, what do u think is the cause of the symptoms I am feeling?
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I think it is a low grade virus or flu and you are anxious about the genital area.
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