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Mind over matter hsv2 igg

First off I would like to say I am a long Time reader,ffirst time poster and have found this site very useful as a means of information and support over the last 6 months. Special thanks to all the docs and posters!

About 6 months ago I started to experience a burning/itching sensation in my pubic area which over the course of a few days didn't improve in any way and I made my way down to my GP to get myself checked out. I had no lesions or typical symptoms just the burning and itch. I was diagnosed with a fungal infection and told to apply fungal cream. Now my symptoms did not really improve that much however my anxiety throughout this time went through the roof as I was reading everything to work out what was going on. I started to reach the conclusion it was herpes and naturally my anxiety went through the roof. So back to the GP(who was also a skin specialist and very very supportive) and we arranged a blood test, mind you they were still of the opinion it was fungal. At this time (7-8 weeks) I was sure I was experiencing prodrom symptoms in the way of leg pain etc and got a igg blood test done which came  back negative and arranged a follow-up one 4 week's later. With this small amount of relief believing the test was about 60-70% accurate by this stage and my symptoms had subsided quite a bit I looked back over the previous weeks and realized that with constant self inspection I had been constantly putting pressure on the back of my legs in turn creating my own prodrom symptoms! Do not underestimate what anxiety can do! Anyway after constant cream application and a couple of doses of diflucan the itch had gone, however left were a few nasty looking pimples which again created some serious concern! It was almost time for my 12 week test and I thought that I was a late seroconvert however my igg was negative and had not changed. Back tottithe doc again about the spots and basically diagnosed as spots from ingrown hair, skin trauma and the fungal infection likely from me constantly inspecting and touching the area so got some antibiotics to clear them up and  few weeks later the itch was back... Oh no! Same itch but different area on a different side actually and I took some relief in the understanding that herpes usually appears in the same spot and side which this wasn't but again anxiety came back as did all the other atypical symptoms we read so much about. Anway back on the antifungal and by now it was 6 months so did another blood test and again no change in my hsv2 igg still  negative. Again my itch cleared up. So from this especially guys.. Do not underestimate male thrush! Especially if you have been on a series of antibiotics which I had previous to this ordeal. Do not let anxiety get the better of you! Listen to your doctor! (mine was correct from first consultation) As many of the docs here say it's not always herpes, there can be many other explanations. I do hope this writeup helps someone out there.
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Thank you for posting this. It's reassuring.  
I've been dealing with constant itch and irritation for a while and freaking out over herpes.  I was actually wondering myself if I was making irritation worse by constantly checking myself all throughout the day. I'm convinced I felt all the same prodrome symptoms as well.
I hope I have the same outcome as you. I've always been so careful and have limited hoe many partners I've had.
I still need to go in for igg test...but I'm still freaking out
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I've seen fungal infections erode the skin even - they can be nasty!!

glad you found the answers you needed here :)  

thanks for posting on your own experience too so others can read that indeed I am right that it's not all herpes :)

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