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Miss Diagnosis???

I went to the clinic and spoke to a gyno about these small flesh-toned bumps i had around my vagina, at the top. He said they were cysts, and totally normal. But recently I've gotten like a few more which scares me. They've popped up on the sides of the lips, and are itchy. I'm afraid I've been misdiagnosed. There was never any blood tests or swabs done. He was sure it was cysts since my boyfriend has no symptoms and we're sexually active. any ideas? or should I go back to the clinic?
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did they also do any other testing for you? did they check you for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally?

did they by chance mention fordyce spots as a cause of these bumps too?
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I just went back to the clinic today
He says that the bumps are absolutely nothing more than razor bumps, but I he did a few swabs (this time) and thinks I may have bacterial vaginosis. Thanks though!
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