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Mouth Sores

I'm a 26 year old female, with no prior health problems. I woke up last Friday very fatigue with a very sore throat. As the day went on I felt like my gums on the right side were sore and I thought it was maybe due to my bottom impacted wisdom tooth. The pain seem to get worse and worse. My throat neck and mouth was very sore. The back of my throat was very red and I could feel the lymphadenopathy on the right side of my neck. The area where my gum hurts looked like a sore was forming right around there. Monday I went to the doctor and I was negative for strep but my doctor still treated me for it. I've been on a heavy dose of penicillin for days now and no change. It seems like the sores have spread and their on the roof my mouth, the lower and upper part of my gums. I also have small canker sores on the inside of my lip and cheek that I noticed that appeared as well. I saw the dentist today and she prescribed me "magic mouthwash" which helps with the pain for about a half hour but once it wears off I'm in an extreme amount of pain. It almost feels like I burn the entire right side of my mouth. The stinging and aching is constant. I'm scared that it's herpetic gingivostomatis. I never had a cold sore in my life, but my boyfriend gets them here and there. Could I of contracted primary hsv1 from him? I have never experienced pain like this, it hurts to eat or drink anything and nothing seems to be helping.
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It is possible you contracted the virus from him.  Peimaey hsv1 outbreaks can be awful. Get back to your Dr and get it swabbed and tested
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Is there any way to alleviate the pain?
Not really unfortunately. I wish there was.
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