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Muscle and skeletal problems

I contracted hsv-2  Four years ago. and have been experiencing rapid weight loss along with muscle weakness and bone pain in my back, feet, arms and legs. preceded by diarrhea, extreme burning, pins and needles and numbness that last for hours. My body temp drops down several degrees when these symptoms flare up. This happens every few months and lasts for weeks. I lost fifty pounds since I was infected. Valtrax is not helping at all. Is this a typical case of HSV-2? it's the only thing that I showed antibodies for in my blood work. What should I do before I am too sick to work? each flare-up is worse than the previous one.
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Dear Batteryshop01...do not want to scare you but first make sure you are HIV free..as for hsv2 do not worry to much..all these symptoms can be because of hsv2..joint pains can be quite common if you got hsv2 but they will go away after some time and unfortunately come back again but they can be managed with painkillers ...do sport..it definitely helps..this is an advice from my own experience..chin up!
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