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My HSV (1+2) igg result = <0.500 (negative), conclusive or not?

My recent HSV (1+2) igg result is <0.500 (negative) and the test is taken 7 months after the exposure. Is it conclusive or not? Do I need to take igm as well? Pls help. Thanks
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No, your result is conclusive. The IgM is designed to look for newer infections, and is really unreliable, so you wouldn't need that at all.

Your IgG was taken at 7 months, and the window period is 4 months, so you're all set. :)
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Thanks for the reply. I have been experiencing herpes like symptoms from last one month. It all started with tingling in my penis  and in scrotum and a little discomfort in my bladder and prostate. Also I had a canker sore in my mouth at the same time. I have no cold sores or blisters or lesions till date but 2 weeks after it all started I noticed couple of tiny red bumps on my penis which disappeared in few hours. Also I have intermittent tingling, nerve pain in my thighs, legs, hands and arms from last 2 weeks which have subsided now. All the symptoms have subsided but are not gone completely. Also I have bit of itchy penis and anus from last 4 days. I have been tested negative for other STDs. Should I get retested for herpes? Also the herpes igg I had taken was 1+2 combined not type specific. Thanks
Also weak urine stream, unable to empty bladder sometimes.
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It doesn't matter if it was a combo test - at 7 months, it's conclusive. You don't have herpes.

Have you had a digital prostate exam? That's where they use a finger and feel your prostate. It sounds as if you may have some inflammation in the prostate (not caused by herpes), which can cause a lot of the symptoms you have. You could also have a compressed disc or pinched nerve that is causing a lot of this.

There is no STD that causes all over body symptoms like you are describing. No STD would cause tingling in your arms and hands, and no STD would cause little red bumps that disappear in a few hours.

I'm not sure why you are focused on an STD - guilt? anxiety? germ phobia? - but you aren't doing yourself any favors by not letting this go. If you have something else going on, you need to be open to other possibilities so you can get it treated. It's the only way you'll find relief. If anxiety or guilt is the issue, and you can't let it go, then please consider seeing a counselor. (I don't mean to sound critical - I really just want you to start feeling better.)
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Thanks for the reply. I just got igg type specific test results. Hsv 1 igg 1.09 (borderline) hsv 2 igg  <0.500 (negative)......am I positive for hsv1? Thanks
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It's inconclusive. You can test again for it later, if you want.

You don't mention any encounters prior to your symptoms starting, or the timeline. If it's been more than 4 months since your most recent encounter, I wouldn't worry. If you are concerned about a more recent encounter, test again at 4 months.

Your symptoms are not indicative of any STD.
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It's been 7.5 months since my most recent encounter. Should I confirm it with WB or with the same Igg test? Many thanks
Also my doc put on antivirals about 6 days ago for a week but I see no changes in my Symptoms. My doc also says 'its inconclusive'.
Oh sweet god, you don't need antivirals. You need a digital prostate exam. The WB is not easy to get, so it's up to you. Right now, you have bigger things to worry about, like is your prostate inflamed and why. Put herpes to the side for a minute and focus on that. If you do have hsv1, who cares? A lot of people have that, and you can test for that later after you figure out if you have problems with your prostate. :)
Oh and to make sure I am totally clear - herpes would not cause problems with your prostate, so IF you have it, which I doubt since it was negative initially on the combo test - I would imagine it's an oral infection, not a genital one.
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