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My hsv 1 IGG result is 2.84 what shiuld i do

My hsv 1 IGG result is 2.84, should i take any medication or not... Is it curable i am male and going to be get married... Please guide me what to do... Now should i marry or not i am afraid of infecting someone else also..
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Have you ever had cold sores?
But there are small white spots just appear at the corner of lips
Only upper lip
I am 31 yrs old
My hsv 1 IGG result is 2.84 is at the highest level on the scale of 10 or just a start and by time will increase or decrease or will remain the same... Will i also have cold sores on lips gums tongue and throat... Please tell i am really afraid... Dont know what to do..should i visit a dentist or someone else... Please guide
Will i also have cold sores on lips gums tongue and throat as are shown in google pics when you search hsv 1
Can hsv 1 convert itself to hsv2 after some time..
You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Here are some facts you need to understand:

First of all, Hsv1 does NOT mutate or convert into Hsv2. Hsv1 can also infect the genital are, but when it does, it stays hsv1 and does not mutate to hsv2. So, someone could be infected genitally with hsv1 and hsv2.

There is a good chance your partner already have herpes simplex virus type 1. At least half the population does, and the percentage rises with age, so that probably at least 65 percent of adults over age 40 are infected with hsv1. Like you, most infected people do not experience symptomatic recurrent cold sores. In other words, if you've never had a cold sore, it does not mean you are not infected. Thus, you should assume that at least half of your romantic interests will be infected with hsv1, and this percentage will rise with age.

If they are already infected, they are immune or at that the very least, they are highly resistant to new infection.

In order for herpes to be transmitted, the virus must be vigorously massaged into uninfected skin. Deep kissing is normally needed for this to happen, or some intimate, and even then transmission is uncommon without obvious symptoms. For example, an infected person spitting on another person would not transmit the infection.

If your partner is infected, he/she probably does not even know it. Many people are asymptomatic or at least have very mild symptoms that they do not realize are due to herpes. And most of these people have no or very few recurrent outbreaks.

If someone decides to rule out all future romantic partners because they have oral herpes, they will need to rule out at least half of all potential partners. That would be a really shame and a potential loss for them because as you already know, there are many wonderful and beautiful people that have oral herpes.

I have never had an oral herpes outbreak and I am negative by blood test. So, I have strong evidence that I am not infected with hsv1, but I have dated numerous people over my long years on this earth and have never been infected from them. This may be anecdotal evidence, but I know many people that have had the same experience as myself. I would never let hsv1 get in the way of an opportunity to meet a really wonderful human being.  

What should you do? Just avoid kissing and oral sex when or if you have an obvious oral outbreak.
Thanks a lot sir your kind advice gave me hope... Thanks a lot...
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