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My wife in pregnancy

Hi, I want to seek some advice for me, I am from China, thanks a lot for your advice in advance. Because I am very anxious!

I had severals protected vaginal sex with sex worker last years before August that I regret a lot everyday now, and later, I met my wife and then we lived together, and then she has been in pregnancy for me since December last year. However, in my city, there is no way for genital herpes test just based on the anlysis of blood,so I do not know if I contract the genital herps or not? and if I infect my wife in the case of I was contamined. I had symptom in my foreskin and glans like itch,flush, and slight ulcerat several time since last year after my first visit to the sex worker. And after my surgery circumcisicon, the symptom above seems alomostly disappear.

My concern is that my wife will give birth to our baby within following one month,I want to know :
1, does I am contracted by herpe?
2, does my wife is contracted by herpe?considering she do not have any apparent symptom like me.
3, in the case we are both contracted, does the natural delivery is still possible for the baby?
4,is it possible in France to do a genital herps test by a single analysis of blood? Because I will go to France in a couple of day for my work, maybe I can do a test in France, and know about my herpes situation.....

Anyway, I thanks your guys a lot! I hope someone can help me, because I am really anxious everyday.Thanks....
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I really want learn about what result can genital Herpes cause to the baby during the pregnancy and the delivery, and how can I avoid to this happen?If someone can help me out.
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it is too late for blood testing for your wife. she is in the last month of pregnancy so herpes blood testing has a high false negative rate for her at this point due to issues that occur with pregnancy.  I also think it's too late for her to fly to france too since she is so pregnant for her to get tested to know her own status.

Even if you would quick get tested for herpes yourself, it's really too late to determine if she is infected or not.  

At this point, unless her provider sees any signs of herpes during the next month or at the time of delivery, really nothing you can do to be honest.   I assume that you were circumcised that your providers didn't feel that your own symptoms previously were due to herpes but due to something else?


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Thanks for your valuable advice. Thank you very much for your help!!!
In fact, I had these symptoms described above several times since last year. after learning about the pregnancy of my wife, I went to see a private doctor who diagnosis my symptom as fungal infection,so I had my circumcised surgery since June this year. But I did not really trust this doctor,he does not look like very experienced. But the problem is that I have not symptom now, so I can not do any test now.I had the test of Mycoplasma, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV, the result of these tests turns out negative. But my concern is that I can not test my genital herpe. So you can envisage, how am I nervous when I see my wife in pregnancy, and she will give birth to our baby in one month, plus, I never tell her anythings about these. I do not want to make her nervous like me, and I do not want her know I had three time obscene relationship before her, especially in our country....
How should I do now,  do you have any suggestion for me in my position.....
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you can get type specific herpes igg blood testing done in china. look for online support groups in your area to see where it can be done. You can get yourself tested to at least get answers about yourself.

protected sex is helpful to protect you from genital herpes.
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Except for some hospital in beijing and shanghai, the other city hopital seem not to offer reliable igg test according to my research in chinese herpe forum. So I do not know my situation nor my wife's. But, do you think herpe is really very dangerous for baby??
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But, I will do my igg test when I will come to Paris in couple of days. If the result turn positif, how should I do? Is there any chance I can remedy my previous mistake?
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