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Need help- do I have herpes?

17 days ago I received unprotected oral and protected sex with a condom. I do not know how many partners this person has had. I’ve been experiencing a warm sensation, not really burning but hot on the bottom left side of my penis shaft near my scrotum and in my left groin area for the last 2 days. In the groin there is redness, but nothing on the shaft outside of a little discoloration(friction maybe?) I fear I’m irritating it by touching it and examining it all the time. I’m not experience any burning when I urinate, no pus, blister or any other sysmptoms. Is this something I should be worried about or am I overreacting?
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Forgot to mention- I’m a male in my 30’s and she was a female in her late 20’s.

Update day 3: This morning when I woke up I had no symptoms and I don’t really notice the heat when I’m walking around. After I showered, got to work and sat down I have more of a burning feeling on the skin in my groin but nothing on my genitals for now.
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There are two sources of risk in your encounter, oral and vaginal. It's been repeated numerous times by Drs Handsfield and Hook on the expert forum that oral sex is safe sex, not completely risk free but much much safer than unprotected vaginal and anal sex. The odds you would have caught anything from oral sex is exceedingly low. Since herpes is your main concern, hsv1 would be your only concern. You may not already know this but at least 50% of people in your age group are already infected with oral hsv1 and most do not know it. Thus, there is a very high likelihood that you are already infected and don't know it. Therefore, you would be highly immune to getting infected anywhere else on your body. If you aren't already infected with hsv1, the odds you caught it are probably one in several thousand, ie almost zero chance.

Could you have caught hsv2? On average, the odds of catching genital herpes, hsv2 in this case, by having unprotected sex with an infected partner is around 1 in 1,000 or 0.10%. The number of partners your partner had is really irrelevant. She was either infected or she wasn't. Based on her age, there was probably a 15% chance she could have been infected. So the odds she wasn't are much higher. More importantly, using a condom would have dramatically reduced your risk of catching hsv2. There are other factors to consider that weigh in your favor but to complex to go into on this forum, but I would estimate the odds you caught herpes from an unprotected encounter with a partner of unknown status to be on the order of one in several thousand at best.

Your symptoms do not suggest herpes. For an outbreak after  being newly infected, you would have very obvious symptoms, i.e. blisters, lesions and sores on the shaft and head of your penis. Not on your groin. The blisters would appear at the site where the virus gain entrance through your skin and that is at the sites of greatest friction during sex, i.e. the skin on the head and shaft of the penis.

I would not give this anymore thought. It's very very very unlikely you were infected with anything, and congratulations on using condoms.
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Correction: In the last sentence of paragraph 2, I meant to write "protected" not "unprotected".
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