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Need help on possible herpes


Im 33 male, had a encounter with a girl few weeks back,
Im constantly having a iritation feeling inside the tip of my penis, for the last 5 weeks since exposure. No visible blisters or sores on my genital, iv been getting pains on my left testicle which has now gond, however this iritation feeling almost like a tinglingn feeling comes and goes from the tip of the penis where the opening is.
I just got my herpes test results,

Anti herpes 1 igg 0.03
Anti herpes 1 igm 0.20

Anti herpes 2 igg 0.05
Anti herpes 2 igm 0.33

This test was taken approx 5 weeks post exposure

At the moment no blisters or signs on my testicles, no pain apart from having it on the left testicle, but the tip of my penis has a burning type iritation or sometimes s tingling feeling.mthis comes and goes through out the day. The left testicle pain lasted for about 7 days this was felt when i sat on my chair.

Im looking to get tested again for herpes in 3 weeks so thats 8 weeks exposure and possibly again 12 weeks.

Im panicking all day long and need some help on my my penis tip feels like this.
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Id like to add i tested negative to all other std, including syplis
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Hi, what was the encounter? Ive read this type of situation many times before and it would appear that the tip irritation is caused an injury from the act itself and constant checking.which is constantly irritating the tip. None of what you mention suggests herpes or any other std. When a person has an std its deeper inside the urethra not at the tip.
Unprotected oral sex
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It was oral sex, im negative for all std but herpes and hiv i need to retake.
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The tip opening feels tingling at times, sometimes it burns if i keep checking it or if im wearing tight jeans. This feeling comes and goes. input my self on doxy for 7 days antibiotics but this ended up giving me diorea. Spicy food and milk irrates my bowls and gives me a burning feeling down there. No itchyness or sores.
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Im just wandering why is my igg test so low?
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These are just random numbers that come up but whats important is that its negative.
Cam herpes cause iritation or a burning feelinf at the tip without sores or blisters. Its not itchy but a uncomfortable feeling as if there is a urine drop left behind. Some times it worse somtimes its very mild. This has been more or less constant for 5 weeks.
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No and none of what you mention suggests herpes. Symptoms of herpes are lesions that develop and often in a cluster that scab over and heal in about 2 weeks.
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Today im having intense anal heat and burning not sure why. She did touch any anal area. There are no signs of blisters or ulcers but intense heat-burning feeling. Its not itchy.
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Hi All,

OK so I took another test at approx. now 9 weeks. Give or take 2-3 days.

Im still feeling stressed and have been suffering from anxiety from all this. My question would be how much can I trust the result at 9 weeks. I am planning to take another test at approx. 13 weeks again and possibly another one after that at 17 or 18 weeks.

My results for Herpes

Anti Herpes 1  IGM 0.33
Anti Herpes 1  IGG 0.03

Anti Herpes 2  IGM 0.33
Anti Herpes 1  IGG 0.07

I have had no Symptoms of Itchiness, sores or blisters on my penis or scrotum.  I did receive oral sex and had a sort of pain and iritiation which last for about 8 weeks the pain and irritation has subsided to the point it no longer can be felt. Since this problem I have not had rash, itchyfeeling or blisters anywhere near the pain which was being caused at the tip of the penis. The oral sex was rough at the time I received it.

I think I am suffering from hermmorids as I have had burning sensation in the anus few times after either sitting too long or eating the wrong foods. When checking the anus area no rash or blisters anywhere. Except Skin near the anus hole about the size of a small peanut (Prob Smaller) extruding out of the anus hole.  This has come and gone for the past few weeks. I think it was due to antibiotics I took about 4 weeks ago. which caused intense diarrhea.

I have had a boil on my groin area before and just had one again 1 week ago. Its a hard Tender Lump. Does not itchy or pain and has subsided and shrunk. It is still visible but I hardly even notice it unless I press hard on it. When this is done it feels like a hard lump under the skin. It has not erupted with Pus and keeps shrinking daily.  
The Boils I have now is a single large lump. I have had one cut out of me over a year ago. I am very hairy around the genital region and ingrown hair or infected hair follicles seems to be an issue I am suffering from anyway.

I am still worried about herpes for some reason and would like someone to give some light on this.
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Apart from the boil on the groin area, I can not find Rash or blisters.

I cycle allot at the gym and my tail bone does hurt when I stand or sit down on certain chairs. In general it does not pain unless I move into a certain position. I had read somewhere herpes causes tail bone pains.
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The Symptoms I experienced was irritation and pain at the penis. It first started with 5 days of slight pulsating pain, then sort of formed into a irritation at the tip of the penis.  This comes and goes for the past 8 weeks but for the last 1 week I don't feel it anymore. Unless I keep checking down there and touching the penis all the time. It sort of hurts again for about an hour or so.

Im still worried about herpes its kinda of does not let me sleep properly at night, I cant eat properly and have lost weight worrying over this.

At 9 weeks have I tested still too early?
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It is tearly to be100% conclusive but it's a great indicator as 70% test possitive by now. I highly doubt your next test will be possitve as I agree with Dave as your symptoms are more injury and self examination than anything else. Herpes is not the issue here.
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