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Need help, please please please read my question.

Hi. I asked my question in STD Forum 2 weeks ago but I have new symptoms then I'm here again to ask.
About 3 months ago 2 hours after that my virgin girlfriend touched and kissed my penis I saw a very tiny(less than 1 mm)  white bump only 3 or 4 mm under my mushroom, and after 3 hours another one appeared near the other.
I cant squeeze them because they start to hurt too much, they didn't itch or hurt and they didn't change in 3 months.
Any Ideas?
About 2 weeks ago I saw a brown spot on my penis when I touch it a little hard the brown spot disappeared and an scar left and it went away in 3 or 4 days, after this every time I go to bathroom I see my penis and I think I see some black spots on the skin of my penis they are not sores, they are not itching or hurt at all and when I touch them they look like a normal skin, I don't know that I have any problem like warts or herpes or syphilis or I'm just got SCRUPULOUS about my health.

Before 3 months I had a 2-way oral sex with my girlfriend and after 3 weeks we both tested for HIV and the results were negative, I repeated this test at week 6 and for the 3rd time at 5 month, all were negative.

Here I wanna tell my symptoms and my blood test results that I had in past 6 months:

Symptoms: 2 swollen lymph nodes in neck ( I did an ultrasound check up)
hives with itching all over my body that they disappear in 1 hour ,
withe tongue( doctors and a dentist said my tongue is normal), burning tongue( this happened after I used some mouth wash and I took antibiotics medicines 5 month ago but I have this feeling till today),
the roof of my mouth easily get injured(no bleeding) after eating dry bread or something like that but it healed after 4or 5 hours, weakness and hot skin but no fever.

6 month ago:
CBC.......WBC=5.2(normal range 3.5 - 11), RBC=5.67(N.R 4-5.5), LYME=36.2 (20-50), MID=4.5(2-10), GRAN=59.3(42-80)

2 months ago:
CBC.....WBC=4.9, RBC=5.81, LYME=33 , MID=4.8 , GRAN=62.2

7 weeks ago:
CBC.... WBC=6.5 , RBC=5.65 , LYME=46 , GRAN=50 , RDW=11.9(11-15),
Mono = 1
Eos = 3

2 weeks ago:
CBC.... WBC=5.2 , LYME=32.1 , MID=3.2 , GRAB=64.7 , RBC=5.65

I know my question was so long and boring and I'm sorry but if anyone here is a doctor or knows my situation please help me, my life was a disaster in past 6 months.
I'll be grateful.

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If im not mistaken, the test you posted is a white blood count test not a herpes igG test.
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Thanks friend
Could you tell me that my blood test results prove that I dont have any problem, like STDs and HIV?
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Hi and welcome. Your here in the herpes forum and if your concerned about herpes then have a test esp if your finding spots on your penis that arnt normal. The most common herpes symptom is a blister type sore that clusters and has a clear liquid in the center.
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