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Need some HSV 2 help

I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2 from an STD clinic and was prescribed a permanent valtrex script. The blood test confirmed only HSV 2, negative for all other STD's and HIV and HSV 1. I'm not quite sure where my initial outbreak was because I had sores on my genitals and a whitlow high up on my finger near my knuckles. The genital sores have come and gone a few times and heal quite quickly with the valtrex.

My doctor was a huge help, but I did it alone and scared and probably forgot most of what she said to me.

I just have a few questions/concerns I'm hoping someone can help me with.

1) I always have a red spot on my finger where the whitlow was. At times, it becomes more red than normal and sometimes there are multiple red spots and sometimes they are more of a brown or appear to be under a layer of some whiter looking skin. What are those and should I worry? I normally just cover it with a band aid so I don't have to look at. Mentally, it makes me feel better seeing how all this is new to me, y'know? Is covering it a bad thing?

****The ER doctor diagnosed it as a whitlow, the STD doctor asked me if it was a spider bite.****

2) I've read on some forums for people with herpes that it's not much of a worry when someone had a whitlow on their hand since the hand skin is so thick shedding isn't normally an issue at all unless there's an obvious lesion. is that true or is it a lie?

3)With all this being said, do I really need to take valtrex daily? I have been just because it makes me feel better mentally about the whole thing.

Please help if you can and thank you for your time! These forums are so helpful and it really means a lot to people who are scared and don't know where to turn.
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What test did you take to confirm hsv2 and any numbers involved just to rule out the false positive issue.
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I wasn't actually shown a test chart with numbers on it, but she did confirm that I tested positive for HSV 2 only.
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it was a blood test
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Any number 3.5 and below would need retesting so its important to know the numbers
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I'm not sure what to say, but I am still looking for some help/answers on those questions I asked above on the original post if you wouldn't mind helping me out
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1. Whitlow lesions are very painful so red spots are not whitlow. Whitlow is only passable with an open blister. Its only diagnosed with a swab of a recent lesion not confirmed by visual.
2. Whitlow doesnot shed so only contagious with a blister.
3.People with mulitple outbreaks take meds but you need to confirm you in fact have it.
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I can only go on the fact that I had blood work done at planned parenthood and had to wait 3-5 days for the results to come in, she called me on the phone and told me everything and explained to me what to expect when the results came.

The red spots can be very sensitive at times if they are scratched by something or poked the wrong way. I work with my hands a lot so sometimes the tools I use can irritate the area in question. It's like I will feel a very sharp pain where it was when agitated.

The outbreaks I've had on my genitals are always very short lived. This only the second time I'm having an issue on my hand.

Do you recommend I see my dermatologist or try seeing my normal doctor at planned parenthood?

And I would really like to take the time to thank you for your time and help.  It's so nice that I can get help/support from others
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A Derm would be best as can do a biopsy
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You're a godsend for being so helpful, I really can't thank you enough. You've really eased a gross amount of stress for me
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