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Need some help

I have been reading through this board since about 3 am and want to thank all the contributors for their time and effort.  I will give you all a quick run down of why I am here. 42 days ago I had sex with a girl. The condom broke and we did not know it until it was over.  We had sex once and after I realized the condom broke I panicked and scrubbed my penis with water, I really did not know this girl to well.   For 42 days I have been checking myself on a regular basis for any changes in my genitals.  Last night before bed while checking myself I discovered what appeared to be two very tiny red bumps where the shaft meets the penis head.  I have to pull the penis skin tight in order to see these bumps and they are smaller than a pin head.   They are not painful or itchy and since 8pm last night nothing has changed with them, they have not grown at all. I have never had a cold sore in my life so I am unsure what to expect?  Does this sound like my primary outbreak of genital herpes?    My heart has been pounding since last night and I have not slept a wink.   My anxiety is through the roof right now.   The only other symptoms I have is slight kidney/back pain, but I did workout and do yard work two days ago.    
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To further add these small bumps are on the underside of my penis where the penis head forms a triangle and goes up into the urethral opening.  I just examined myself again and noticed there are very small bumps on the other side of the triangle as well. I pushed on these lumps as well and there was no pain.
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as hard as you had to look to find these spots, it's doubtful they are herpes going on.  also herpes lesions will be painful or itch.

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Thank you for the reply. Just to clarify, herpes hurts and itches when in bump form? These do neither just raise my anxiety. One more question and this is about the initial outbreak, I have read they occur 2 to 14 days after exposure, at day 43 post exposure can I relax alittle or can I still have a primary outbreak?
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if you are looking at your genitals daily, you aren't going to easily miss the signs of herpes. It's over a month now. time to put the lil guy away and come up with a new hobby :)
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Hah time to start swinging the golf clubs again! Thank you Grace! LoL
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Well for peace of mind I went to the doctor today. First thing my doctor asked was how much pain I was in and I told him none, he then asked if the itching was bad and I said no, he asked me how long the bumps were there and I told him I noticed them friday night. He then asked me if they blistered and ruptured yet to which I replied there was no change.  He then laughed and said he is pretty certain they are not herpes lesions without even looking at them.  Regardless he looked at them and said not to worry.  I asked him about getting a test for herpes and he also told me it was pointless and if anything he was going to prescribe me something for anxiety.   He said almost 99 percent of the people infected with herpes notice severe pain and itching first.  He also informed me that a one time unprotected encounter with a female has a very low chance of HSV2 transmission and also at 40 some days since exposure I can stop looking and waiting for herpes to show.  

I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my question on Saturday i was in pure panic mode Friday night into Saturday !
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