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Need some testing advice

About 13 weeks ago, I had protected oral/vaginal sex with a stranger and 2 weeks later I found 2 small bumps at the base of my penis by my scrotum (no itch, burn, or pain). I saw an STD specialist who said it was HSV, ordered blood+swab tests for HSV and other STDs, had me buy 800mg Acyclovir pills, and treated me with antibiotics for bacterial STDs.

I took the pills for 3 days and the bumps went away. The STD testing was all negative. Reading up, I found out that the HSV blood testing was too early, swab testing is hit/miss, my risk of other STS besides HSV or Syphilis was non-existent. I also found reviews on this specialist and his reputation for scaring people at his cash clinic to take unneeded tests and buy pricey medications from him directly.

I had other sores that could be HSV appear on my scrotum or base of shaft and never burned, itched or hurt much. If there was ever a blister before I missed it and scratched them open without noticing. They look like this with less sores: http://tinyurl.com/85guaxr

The 3 times they occurred they scabbed and healed in 4 days. I saw an urgent care doctor who said I had no HSV risk, that it's fungal and prescribed Nizoral.

I had some water-filled blisters on my face(not pimple-like), but weren't in clusters and no burning, pain, or itching. I rarely get pimples so I wonder about auto-innoculation. The bumps are dry but still there after 3 weeks. I took some left over acyclovir for 2 days when I saw them but stopped.

Besides the acyclovir I took, I take 2g of Resveratrol & 6g of Lysine daily.

I'm not panicked about HSV since it is a nuisance with a social stigma for most, not life threatening, and if what I had were OBs then future OBs should be mild. But I do want certainty.

I took an HSV IGG test at 12 weeks from intercourse which was negative for both HSV1 and 2.

Could my routine of Resveratrol or the Acyclovir delay seroconversion? When culd I test again to be certain I'm not a late converter?
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Hard to say what might be going on here, because your symptoms are a bit suspicious but not very worrisome.  I strongly suggest that you don't take anymore herpes medicines and retest when 16-20 weeks have passed since the encounter.  The antiviral medicines can delay seroconversion so I'm sorry that you were treated without a diagnosis first by a lab test.  

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A couple of additional things. That link I posted isn't a picture of me, it's an image on a site that has herpes pictures. Also, after I posted I took a closer look at the bumps on my face and they're still fluid filled.

Thank you for your help.
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Hi Terri,

A few more things I'd like you to consider. I understand from other posts here and on the STD forum, that experts take into account exposure risk, symptoms, and timeline to validate testing results and assess false negative/positive testing likelihood.

For the purpose of reviewing my circumstances, I would appreciate it if you would assume that my partner was HSV+ (not sure whether 1 or 2). Although I didn't think anything of it at the time, I clearly recall a patch of reddish skin with small bumps above the vaginal area that looks similar to many HSV pictures online.

I also have terribly dry skin and eczema issues (frequent cracking, irritation, and even bleeding) and for what it's worth, the day before this encounter I was in a car accident and had considerable bruising and abrasion from the collision.

The urgent care doctor I saw didn't think much of any this, but he also wanted to convince me that HSV can't be transferred if you use a condom.

Thanks again. I'll be offline for a few days, so no hurry in responding.
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If your partner was positive, the chance of getting herpes is still low at one intercourse!  

I would test again in another month when 16 weeks have passed, then believe  those results.

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Hi Terri,

Lots of updates to provide today...

I tested at exactly 16 weeks, and was negative again for HSV1 and HSV2.

I ran into the woman I had sex with and she believes she could have herpes but has never been tested. I asked her if she'd get tested to find out what type but she wasn't interested. I'm not sure it matters that much anyhow at this point.

I've had ongoing skin issues on my face with water filled red bumps that never seem to completely blister but I will go see a doctor for them.

I haven't taken any more acyclovir but I'm still taking resveratrol and lysine since they seem to have good health benefits and I was already taking resveratrol at lower dosages before this entire event.

I'm going to trust the 16 week results and will get tested in a few months only if I have any more skin issues.

The only lingering concern I have is that perhaps resveratrol is delaying seroconversion. Based on the research papers I tried to read it isn't clear to me whether resveratrol could have this effect, and none of the experts on this site seem to have an opinion.

Thank you for the help. I would appreciate your comments regarding resveratrol.
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Nothing but the true antivirals delay seroconversion.  I think you are in the clear, my dear!

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