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Negative Igg positive igm at 4 months

  A few weeks (I think) after the encounter in October I noticed my penis having more of what appeared to be fordyce spots than usual, but no other complications.  

About a month or two after my scrotum became very red and was diagnosed as red scrotum syndrome by a derm and a urologist.  I was given a gel and pushed along, it's a bit better.  The head of my penis started to look wrinkly a bit after Xmas and it was overly sensitive as well after sex or masterbation.  The rim is constantly red according to every doc whose looked at it.  In January I developed clear discharge from my penis and it sent me into a tailspin.  Also my urethra opening looked swollen as well.

My primary care doc tested me for chlamydia and gon on feb 19th along with giving me the two antibiotics. I had some diarrhea after as the azithro upset my stomach.  This caused a burning sensation and some pain while wiping and just general day to day activities.  I took a picture of my anus and noticed a red, irritated bump on the near end of my anus.  It has not gone away since.

On feb 22 my doc finally got me a blood test and initially they said I was negative and good to go.  Much to my chagrin they called me a week later (this past Monday) and told me I had a positive igm test of 1.42.  

Both of the igg tests for hsv 1 and hsv 2 were negative at below .2.  I saw a urologist yesterday dreaming out and he has only seen a handful of herpes cases (go figure).

It would have been 4 months since the encounter when I had the first blood tests done and the igg was negative with positive igm.  I haven't had any stereotypical herpes symtoms except around my anus and a pimple once on my shaft.  My penis head still gets dry skin and irritated and the discharge is still present, especially for the whole day if I've masterbated in the am or something.  

I've taken another blood test yesterday and hope to get the results tomorrow.  Any recommendations?

Thank you
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I would encourage you to ignore the IgM test in favor of the far more accurate IgG antibody test.  The IgM test, in my 30 years of experience, is wrong more often than it is correct and all herpes sources that I am familiar with say never to use it.  I'm sorry your doctor chose to do that as I think it scares you.  
I'm not sure what this discharge is about since it is not responding to the typical antibiotics used to treat urethritis.  You might want to ask the urologist about any possible prostate involvement.

But as far as the herpes goes, I believe since you waited 4 months from the encounter, you are in the clear with 97% certainty for HSV 2.  That's about as good as it gets.

Let me know what the new tests show.

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