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Non-Herpetic Lip Lesion

I recently had unprotected receptive oral sex with someone I do not know.  We did discuss our HIV/STD status and he said he was "clean."

I've also recently just finished an incredibly stressful several weeks of school, during which my stress levels were the highest in recent memory.

Three days after the sexual encounter, I developed a very small, white/yellowish ulcer on my inner upper lip.  The ulcer has remained there for the past 5-6 days.  From days 1-3, a small area right where my outer lip meets my inner lip near the ulcer was painful to the touch and had a little bit of blistering (the area had small red bumps and was painful).  Now, the area is not actively painful and has a severely chapped/mild scabbed appearance and is healing.  The small ulcer is still present but appears to be healing.

I did go to see a doctor on day 5 who proclaimed the ulcer/area did not appear to be a herpetic lesion.

If this sore had been solely on my outer lip and presented the typical herpes symptoms, I'd at least KNOW what it was!  The doctor did not offer my any explanation of what i was other than a viral infection.

My question:  Are there other types of non-specific viral infections that can show up on people's inner/outer lips?  Have I provided enough information to describe something else?
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Not every bump or sore that appears is Herpes it may have been a simple mouth ulcer brought on by stress if your body has been a bit under par with events at school recently, I personally wouldn't worry about this.
Keep a check on it though and if it re-appears then see your Doctor again for further evaluation .....

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